Tales From the Bar

(Spring '04)
UPDATED!! So, more stinky people bring their stinky cameras to the bar, and other stinky people have birthdays, so that now I have to add more pics to the page.  Sigh, I have to do all the work. hee hee hee.

(Summer '03)
Okay, so now that i've gotten my dirty little mits on some pictures the true and awesome horror of my past summer can be revealed. Yes, it is THE BAR PAGE, or "higher learning on lower levels during the summer months."

The regulars:
        (I would never be so crass as to call them barflies....)

              The summer could not be complete without a couple of shots of mike, who I kept company many times after his break up to ensure his alcoholism was at least social. It was completely unselfish of me, i  swear! plus now he can no longer bitch about my having nothing about him on the page :)
(oh,  plus Lee all over-exposed in the fore-ground)


 this section just wouldn't be complete  
without mention of margo, a real sweety at the bar-scene.

Linda, another awesome person, and Tayo one of evolution's x-djs.

I'm quite certain that Linda still hasn't completely forgiven me for thinking that this other girl was her JUST ONCE. How am i supposed to explain away all my drunk behavior??

This is Danella, looking all goth-seductressy. You can't really see, but she's wearing a reeeally awesome pair o' boots. It seems a bit odd putting her in the bar page, because her scene is more of concerts and other such shows.  Despite her petite size, she can still thrash to finger eleven on the dance floor better than anyone else i've seen :)

Stephanie, one of the hottest girlz i hang out with at the bar. nuff said.

HellGnome... filled with hellish goodness.

Adam, who's  in his chainmail. He's always in his chainmail. Louis and i have been trying for the past while to convince him that it's just bad taste to always wear the same shirt. err, and stephanie again.

This would be andy... adam asked me to mention that he isn't really as geeky as he looks. I'd disagree simply because he works at games workshop and plays with dolls-- excuse me-- models all day.

And to give credit where credit is due- This is lee and pete, respectively. Pete is responsible for all of these fabulous pictures, but, in  my opinion, there's still some missing, so i'm gonna have to get off my lazy ass and get some of my own.

Oh, and you may notice he's wearing a NIN shirt...? he claims to have 11 of them. I'm afraid.

Tall mike pulling a matrix... or falling down drunk.

Miss marilee, my best drinking buddy!

And of course Allana who rocks my world. Her and lou met in art class, and so I met her through her art that she'd given to lou before I'd ever met her in person. Yay flameys and strangenesses.

Marina looks sooo cute. It's too bad there's no pictures of her from Halloween. She had such a great costume!

Jason Ng, showing off his chest, yet again.. Don't get me wrong, he thrashes quite well.

General Bar-ness

I just LOVE these kinds of shots- no really, there's another one like this on the halloween party page, these strange breed of pictures that try to include as many people as possible but don't actually get a good shot of anyone, and there's no really focus to it... or it just might be the pot shirt, a staple of the granola coast.
RIGHT, so you can kinda see mike at the edge, then mar, then some guy i don't know, then me, and  steph! yay.

Okay, there's a couple reasons this picture had to be included. One, crystal's in it, and she's not pictured anywhere else on the site. My bad, i guess. Also, the way miss mary-lou is ducking out of the picture is an homage to all of the pictures of this kind taken of her, myself, and any number of my other friends and acquaintances from in and around the causeway as numerous tourists try and take bad renditions of pictures they could buy on postcards at souvenir shops around town, with the exception that you get the bonus of locals dodging the camera at the edge of them. Okay, that rant is finished, but this is my "how i spent my summer vacation" page, so it needed to be mentioned.

Artsy photo time!! This one of adam and alrene is sooo cool. Thanks margo for the photo!

Very artsy shot by noam... makes the place look more noire than it is. :)

This photo just looks sooo neat.

Mar, Noam, and  Jen... this photo looks good, and shows just how short jen is... heee.

I love this photo. Margo's got such a good photo eye.

Margo, and this guy... whose name I can't remember, but he gave me a good backrub once, so I have nothing bad to say about him.

Hmm, so this is a rather poor shot (and damn adam for stealing my role as the geekiest looking person in every picture!) so yeah, there's sam, a great guy even if he is in the navy, allana n her sister carlie, and then wyatt, the dj from alberta.  umm, and as mentioned, adam reigning doom down on all of them.

Yay for misspent youth :)

I  love my coat! whee, more ghosts... or is it just friends who smoke.

An excellent example of the random fornication and acts of carnality that go on outside the bar. Disturbing is the number of cameras IN and around the bar that pick up on the action regularly. Well, at least it kind of disturbs me...

And now what everyone was waiting for, HOT LESBIAN ACTION!!!

and noam wishes to present options....

Don't know who this guy is....

Yay gropage...

Isn't this... charming.


Picture of me drunk... don't know why... figure i may as well. plus, i'm wearing a neat belt (stolen off my ex)... and mare's wearing a neat belt too :)  it's the creep. Also it reminds me of this picture of my sister --very drunk-- showing off her much nicer stomach... even if her ex went on and on about how bad the photo was.

    So, these look like they belong in the Halloween page...  
But no, they're from just another regular monday night. I can't blame mike for wanting to dress up just 'cause... and hey, the makeup turned out neat :) Thanks to Noam fer the supaa-cool pics!

This pic is actually from Bleeding Rose, but it seems to fit

Is it just me, or does this scream "don't you dare fucking take a picture of me."??

And, from the night of Andy's birthday....
I really want to borrow his shirt next january- it says It's my birthday so show me your tits. Heh, I are so crude.

So here's wyatt and the crew working on andy's birthday gift, a CANADIAN t shirt. Loads of signatures, it looked really good when it was done.

the joy of pre-drinking clarity....

And, to conclude- the night would not be complete without mention of The Joint, a necessary stop off at 3 am when the bar closes and you need a large amount of bad pizza to absorb some of the alcohol.

Right, and then school started. The End

See also: GOTH NIGHT!!!

And more from andy's birthday

The bottle caps (I fear the day this thing gets filled)

Becky is usually at the bar, but I don't have any pictures of her from there, so here's one from the party.
I love her shirt, it says "little dykes." so sweet.

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