Goth Night

Thanks to the wonderfulness of Grey taking it upon himself to DJ his own goth nights at venues around the city,
goth night is not dead in victoria! After shadow play at
The Marquee Club in Halifax I find the scene here lacking... and kind of depressing, which i guess is appropriate if your playing goth.

...right, pictures.

I think this is one of the neatest pictures anyone has taken of me.. I;'m still trying to figure out if the blue color comes from background lighting, or some snazzy feature of the digital camera.

I have to agree that this is a very cool looking picture of mike.

I think the chainmail sort of looks like scales here... or a sweater vest.

I think mike took this one in an attempt to get a shot of me when i wasn't paying attention.

ditto from above, only of louis this time. It looks super neat cause lou had just recently gotten his head shaved.

Yay, mar-ish caught drinking. What a rare occurance.

And to finish off, a great shot of my cast. Just a note, this picture could have been a lot neater if i was wearing my glow in the dark cast, but this is the second one... the plaster one. It's all good though, since i got to paint on it :)

da end