Halloween 2001

    SO this is how it happened, yet another very fun party... let's get on with the pictures

I don't know these people, but the Alice costume rocks!

this woman is behhind most of the photography or concepts. I don't know her either.

A sneaky look to see exactly what he's writing!                                                                    grrrrrr

"so mr. kenedy, just how do you feel about being dead?"
"can i quote you on that?"


Random photo time :)

The halloween crowd being good little halloweenies                    (...just 'cause there needed to be more terri pics)

well, that's mostly everyone :)                                                            demon child is afraid.

My costume as a playboy lab rabbit                     Lori being her demonic-                   another random chick who looks
in its full glory                                                        sexy self                                                       so good!

what every party needs,  a random passed out guy who nobody knows

the reporter uses stealth and plays dead so you relax your guard...


looks like another fallen priest

...where are his hands?
the intro to the impending dooooom series

i don't know these people, but they are so DOOOMED!


"dear satan, i wish doom to louis, and doom to terri, and doom to..."


and for those who need the cliche of a before n after shot...


now the sucky


show off!



got it?

                                                                            I like terri's sox


who is this chick???
(poor lou!)

I start puking
after this.
but after that
my memory
so it's all good
G'night :)