Halloween 2003
It was really cold so we spent most of the time gettin hosed...

Yay, adam's terminator costume in all it's intense ahnold- ness
and my super vilain persona looking so unimpressed

And then there's noam... ( i use that line tooo much)
but yeah, in bondage tape, in the men's bathroom, I now understand why the guys
are sooooooo jealous of the womens bathroom at evo. lol

Steph as some character from fushigi yugi.
i'm pretty sure it's the cross dresser, but i'm just guessing.
anyway, she looks neat, but it's sad cause she left the city the next morning.

Danella as little red riding hood and her friend as Dita Von Teese

Mohan. umm...the something
not sure what
definitely NOT a pirate, that's all  i know

Joules and Krysta, two of my favourite redheads,
going as a pirate and medusa.
It's weird, either i was really drunk, or the lighting was bad (or both)
but the snakes on krysta's head looked more blue than green that night
but they're definitely green here.

Andy... somewhere between a jerry springer security person,
and one of those guys from the deer hunter.

Matt's supposed to be a pirate, but i figure this is his regular
dress, and he was just trying to get in with cheaper cover.

Pete all with the gothic fudge and mascara

Cat girl jen, whooo
(speaking of goth...)

Nina, the waitress showing off her kickass tattoos,
and her boyfriend as the crow. But then, a lot of people showed up as the crow that night

And the bartender... this costume looked sooo kickass under
the bar lights, it looks kinda fake in this lighting.

Well, Lee looks like he normally does,
Except that he seems to be asking for spare change,
and i have no idea who's standing there with him... anyone
out there have a clue???

Little red riding hood meetst the big bad wolf... in a boa

Me n steph showin a lot of leg.

Danella from behind. oh yeah

Interesting little threesome.
Arlene just looks soooo cute!

Jen n sara, watchin you watchin me

I may just end up using this as my new main pic.
I'm doing my best to have the right facial expression

Scenes from the party i didn't attend.
Max, as a rabbit character from some anime, er other

Alex as the terminatrix, and Ian as an EVIL villain.

We figure, as they seem to compliment what was goin down w/ mine and adam's costumes, that we're
gonna need to call each other next year.
It's just a good thing we didn't end up going to the same parties.