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EnriqueH's Boxing Main Page

Currently, I'm working for Florida Today, USA Today's sister publication. I write for that newspaper full-time (which is why my updates have become so inconsistent) and still sporadically contribute to and Boxing World magazine. I thank you all who continue to come here despite my consideraly less frequent updates.

EnriqueH's Boxing Poll and Vote

Lowblows Fight Column UPDATED March 5. Ruiz-Holyfield II.

EnriqueH's Top 10 Pound-For-Pound Rankings UPDATED: November 7, 2001. Not only do I list them, but unlike most sites, I tell you WHY.

Best of 2000 New section!

EnriqueH's In-Depth Boxing Report

Predictions UPDATED November 7, 20001

EnriqueH's Look Back

Fights I Want to See

Message Board Feel free to challenge anything I've stated in this site. I like discussing different ideas.

The Heavyweight Division

With each of these sections, I not only list the fighters, but I include my reasoning behind each choice.

My Top 10 Heavyweight Rankings Updated Nov. 26!!!!

My Top 10 Best Heavyweights of the 90s Re-edited.

My Top 15 Greatest Heavyweights of All Time Re-edited.

EnriqueH's Movie Review Page

Fight Tape & Trade Folks, one of my VCR's is messed up and I can't do trades for the time being. I've been inundated with e-mails about trading and I apologize for not writing back. You will all be the first to know when I can do trades again.

Jim Amato's Historical Column NEW SECTION. Guest writer Jim Amato is a regular writer of Boxing World magazine and the Heavyweight Hitters newsletter. Check it out.

The Best of '99 Check out my picks for the best of the year, as well as the fights and fighters that were contenders for my best of the best award for the year.

About Myself Here I talk a little bit about myself. My favorite movies, actors as well as the boxing personalities that I've met. This page is in the works of being updated big time, but in the meantime, why not find out a little bit about me?

EnriqueH's Knockout Links Unlike a lot of sites, I list websites that I personally like. I don't just swap links with another site for the sake of exposure. You'll find not only boxing sites, but OTHER types of sites as well that you might like.


EnriqueH's Lowblows Archive

EnriqueH's LowblowsArchive Page 2

EnriqueH's Predictions Archive

EnriqueH's Look Back Archive

NOTE: I'm constantly trying to find ways to improve this site, so that you can find something different here than you do in other sites. Stay tuned.