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Forever Friends
(Updated: 5 June, 2000)

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Still learning the words *Giggle*

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What is a Friend?

Bernie's Photo Gallery
of Forever Friends

This is another of my pages still undergoing construction as I learn and progress. I hope to put photos of all my friends that will allow me to here on this page. It you would like to be included in "Bernie's Gallery of Forever Friends" just email me a photo, and *poof* instant immortality on the Wide World Web.

Click here to see a larger version of Pete and Linda in 2004
Jessica       Click here to see Tony and Cathy in the Snow by their new Nissan Altima       Bernie and Cathy Mapping the Route to London       Kathleen

Etheleen and Joan

Winterlude 1999 Winterlude 1999

Can you imagine anyone with eyes this beautiful not wanting to publish her pic

Mother and Daughter What a Beautiful Family A Forever Friend My Friend Crystal Mother and other Daughter. Well not really but she's almost old enough, Jeriann *Giggle*

Shirley Carol & Paul Jo Ann

Cyndy Gail

Cathy Don and Cathy Cathy



Niagara Falls
One of my best friends took these Photos. She always wanted to go to Niagara Falls in the winter to see the falls 'frozen'. In '99 she finally made it. Although not as frozen as a few weeks prior to her visit, the falls still had some impressive ice all around. (As a side note, the falls themselves never freeze, just the river & the surrounding area.)

Click on the small picture of Niagara Falls to see nine of the pictures she took earlier this year. Some of them are a little dark, the weather was very cloudy the day she was taking them, but they give you an good idea of what she saw.

Niagara Falls in Winter
Click here to Go to Niagara Falls in Winter

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