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"Ringette Rocks"
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Ringette Player Bouncing Ring borrowed from Calgary Ringette Assn
These Sites will tell you all about the Game of Ringette In Gloucester,
Ontario and Canada, and from there, the World. Please come and visit them.

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* Contact Me * World Championships * Euro Tour 98 * National Champions * Canada Winter Games *
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Ringette Stick Figure COACHES and PLAYERS - CLICK BELOW

I found the first link on Jennifer's Ringette Site, & linked it to mine because it's SO TERRIFIC! I thought it was quite unique on the net to find a source for tips and information for Coaches! Within a few hours of surfing I found the second site halfway across the country in St Albert, Alberta. Be sure to thank them as you visit their sites.
Do You Have or Want Tips on Coaching, Skating, Ringhandling, Goalkeeping Drills, Games?
More Tips for Coaches and Players Linked from the St Albert Ringette Assn
(When you get to the St Albert Ringette Page - Click on Skills.)
Still MORE Tips: Sarah's Tips & Hints to be a Good Ringette Player (Photos & Diagrams)
Warm-up's & Stretches - A Good Body Warm-Up & Some On and Off-Ice Stretches for Ringette

GOALIES - COACHES: Click here for a Hot New Goaltending Book

Ringette Stick Figure *WHAT'S A RINGETTE?* You say!
Click Here !!! and Here Too !!!
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You'll find out all about it here and on all the other linked sites. Come back often. There are lots of photos and many explanations. If you go to each of these sites linked here, and explore to your heart's content, you will find a multitude of photos and history. Suffice to say, this is the most exciting sport played in Canada today. A team sport for girls and women, on ice, on skates. If you thought that guy on page 6, my other links page, could skate and play his game, just drop into your local arena and be prepared to be amazed. Do I sound a little prejudiced? Well, I am!... But I promise you will be thrilled with the speed and technical ability of the athletes you watch, no matter what their age.


Cute Little Girls from Sweden.  Swedish Ringette Assoc Web Page Two Elite Players in Action.  Ringette Alberta

Logo Gloucester Ringette
Click here to visit Gloucester Ringette's Web Page

Click to see Full Size Photo of National Champions, Glo JAA 98

Gloucester Ringette Assn - Ringette for All - From 6&7 year old beginning BUNNIES to National Team Members. Did you know that the Gloucester Devils have won 9 National Championships. Click here to see a List of all National Champions ever. We have National Champs, Provincial Champs, Regional Champs & Girls who have never won a medal but Love It Just as Much as Me!!!
Click to see Photos of the Gloucester Devils Junior A Teambuilding Weekend
Click Here to see Photos of the Gloucester Devils Junior A Team

Come Join

Rene Virc in Front of Finland's Goal.  1998 Suomen Ringetteliitto Ry - Finnish Ringette Association.

Gloucester Intermediate Rene Virc Playing for Team Canada against Finland on Euro Tour 98
1998 Suomen Ringetteliitto Ry - Finnish Ringette Association.


Go to Ontario Ringette

Click here to visit Ontario Ringette's Web Page

Ontario Ringette Assn - Ringette For Life! - All You Ever Wanted to Know about Ringette in Ont

Eagle Lake Ringette Camp - Ontario - The Application is still for 99's camp but the info is timeless
Click here for Adult Getaway Camp Survey - Do you Want One in Fall 99


Go to Ringette Cda

Click here to visit Ringette Canada's Web Page

Ringette Canada - Ringette for the Nation

  • Ringette Scholarships: 1999 Agnes Jacks Scolarship Awards Announced
  • Nationals: Click here for the Results of every National Championship ever Played
  • Canada Winter Games: Click here for the Results of the Canada Winter Games - 1991, 1995 & 1999
  • Team Canada: Click here for Pictures & bio's of Players & Coaches of Team Canada 98
  • Euro Tour 98: Click here to see Action Photos, Game Results & Stats for Euro Tour 98
    (The Photos are in links down the left side of the page.)

    Click here to see the most Beautiful Woman in all of Ringette


    Logo IRF

    International Ringette Federation's Web Site

    See Links to Associations in Finland and Sweden near the bottom of the screen on the Links Page.

  • World Championship Results - 1990, 92, 94, 96, Summit Series 98

    Links to the Rest of the Ringette World
    What's New? Click Here What's New?
    To Go Directly to Bernie's Ringette Links

    These Links will take you all over Canada & the World; Anywhere the Game of Ringette is Played. The sites are organized into blocks for Ringette Canada, International Ringette, Provinces, Regions, Communities, Leagues, Teams Individuals, and General Interest Sites. Please come and visit them.

    World Championships * Euro Tour 98 * National Champions * Canada Winter Games * Contact Me

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