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Bernie's Home Page
(Updated: 15 July, 2004)

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* Introduction * Who I am * Etheleen * My Family * Extended Family * Forever Friends * Ottawa-Gloucester & NCR *
* Contact Me * Bernie's Ringette Page * Bernie's Ringette Links * National Ringette Champions * Other Links *


You Are Here. . . . . Page 1

Me & My Family . . . Page 2

Our Extended Family . Page 2A

Forever Friends. . . . Page 3

Photos & Links - National Capital Region . . Page 4

Ringette - Photo's, Info & Links . . Page 5

All Other Links. . . Page 6

HEY!... THAT'S ME DOWN THERE! & LOOK OVER HERE! THAT'S ME & the MRS. She said I could stay for a bit if I put her picture here too. Hard to tell we're Canadian, Eh?
      A younger Bernie           The Late 90's model of Bernie & Etheleen
Isn't this the most fun you ever had in your life?
          Proud to Live in Canada                    

Well, *giggle* maybe not for you... but it sure is for me as I learn and progress... Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks... What fun this is!
Cute Dog Running Around
It's been a little over 3 years now since I began my odyssey here with my home page. While I used to come back daily, or weekly, {or however often my dear wife thought she could spare me}, now it's just from time to time that I come back to add fun and frolic to this, my very First Attempt at making a Web Page.

A little about me, cause after all it's my home page isn't it? Yeah! A little about me can be found here. For those of you that wish to be spared all the details, don't go there. It simply follows the journey through a very happy military and ringette lifetime. Boring details to some, interesting to others. Anyway it's there if you'd like to know more about the travels of Bernie, the man, who like the song says: "I've been everywhere!"

My Family Page on Page 2, is now complete, but I will leave the "still under construction" sign up as I add more and more interesting pictures and information (and cause I just love the little guy with the jackhammer). There's quite a bit there now, including family pictures. I've added brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and the like, on two new pages, one for my side of the family and one for Etheleen's side. There's photos there of my favourite brother, and soon hopefully of my favourite sister. A Forever Friends Page on Page 3, has also taken shape. There are some beautiful photos of Niagara Falls there, a gift from a friend. (What fun it was to learn how to take some pixels out of the thumbnail pics and it loads much faster now.) There's a cute little plug-in song that seems to take forever but really only takes a minute. *giggle* Please be patient while the page loads.

If you ever wanted to see Ottawa, there are lots of beautiful pictures on Page 4, along with oodles of web page links to interesting things about the city and National Capital Region, even a chance to visit with Elvis, well with Canada's best Elvis Impersonator, chosen in first place two years in a row at the National Championships in Collingwood. Want to see pictures of both the beauty and the devastation of the terrible ice storm 98, there's a link there on page 4 as well.

And of course, one of my passions, the sport of Ringette gets a section all of its own. It used to be simply Page 5, but was soon to expand to two pages and now four, just cause I keep finding new links, photos and information. I have recently changed the Ringette Links Page to link to the Gloucester Ringette Page, and the Eastern Ontario Regional Ringette Association and the National Capital Regional Ringette Association, all three for which I am the Webmaster. All three of these Websites along with my own here, are now mirror image sites. There are over 200 links to National, International, Provincial, Regional, Communities and individual sites. It was getting way too time consuming to make the changes three separate times.

There are some links of general interest on page 6. My favourite hockey player for example, and some links to Angelfire, the web site that not only gives you 5/10 or 50 Meg's of space for a Home Page, it also gives you easy to learn instructions. *Smile* Like for example, how to add more pictures... so hang on while I go learn more... *brb*... I CAN'T WAIT!

Come back often, every day there's something new.

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Thanks Max for the Nom de Plume. No matter how much the
style changes, it will always be the home of the big "B".

Thanks Cindi for the help with HTML, sizing pics,
and the gorgeous photos of Niagara Falls in Winter.

Thanks Teresa for the Photo's and links of Ottawa.

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