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The following lists of species that will thrive in specific situations are not all-inclusive.  They are intended only as a general guide to help determine what species of euc will do best in your garden.  They are recommendations for species that will do well in that situation based on their range of adaptability.

Selecting a euc for your site

SITE refers to the specific place in which the tree is to go.  It includes factors that directly affect the immediate environment of the tree.  Such factors would include soil quality, the amount of available sunlight in the site, and other aesthetic and utilitarian considerations regarding the tree's intended use in the landscape.

Exposure considerations:

Soil considerations: Utilitarian and aesthetic considerations:
Selecting a euc for your climate

CLIMATE refers to the overall climatic patterns of the region where the tree will grow.  Within any given climate is a wide range of sites.  It is important to know what species will be adapted to your climate or else it might not do well regardless of how suitable the site is.

Temperate climates vary somewhat in conditions such as timing and duration of freezes, summer temperatures and humidity, and rainfall amounts and patterns.  I have divided up these climates on a regional basis.  This is not really intended to be a complete guide, but just a general guide of what eucs have been able to grow in certain climates and which ones might be promising based on educated conjecture.

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