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Sources of Eucalyptus and Australian plants
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Here are some good mail-order sources for Eucalyptus trees and other Australian plants.  Please note that the ones which are not "recommended" do not mean I have had a poor experience with them; it usually just means I haven't ordered from them at all.  Nurseries that I have had a poor experience with have been excluded completely from this list.  This is far from being an all-inclusive list.  Please contact me if you have any other sources to recommend.

TWO WORDS OF CAUTION must accompany this list:  First, many of these nurseries grow eucs that are not from the hardiest available seed provenances.  If you order plants from them, they may not be as cold-hardy as the temperatures cited on my web page.  Second, many nurseries will sell eucs that are rootbound or large, and unsuitable for planting out.  In all cases, ask specifically for small plants that are not rootbound!!!

The following sources are all in the United States:

Sources of Eucalyptus and Australian seed

A WORD OF CAUTION for seeds too: Not all of these sources have gone out of their way to collect seed from cold-hardy provenances.  Where this is important, I would suggest ordering seed from a reputable source for hardy provenances such as Milligans or Eucalyptus Nurseries.  I would not order from the other sources unless you know exactly what provenance you are getting (for example, Forestry Tasmania and Wildseed Tasmania can supply a variety of different provenances and are very helpful), or if cold-hardiness is not important, or if for some other reason it is your only choice.

At least with seed you will not have to worry about the plants being overgrown and rootbound - you have control over how well they are grown!  For more information, see Growing Eucalyptus from seed.

For more sources, please see:

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