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The purpose of the Eucalyptus species index is to accurately describe the appearance, needs and uses of every Eucalyptus species that might possibly grow in USDA zone 8 or colder.  Since so many of these are not yet introduced to cultivation in the United States, and in fact I have never even seen pictures or specimens of many of these myself, there are bound to be quite a few gaps in the information and much is based on speculation.  Some of the species listed, in fact, are represented by only a small grove of trees in the wild, and are protected by the Australian government!

Pictures have been added where available, but as I keep adding more species to the index, the pictures are getting fewer and farther between, and the ones I do have often leave something to be desired.  Please contact me if you can be of any help with pictures.

Species are listed by scientific (or botanical) name.  Common names are also given, but these should not be relied upon to heavily since multiple species may share the same or similar common names.  For a cross-reference of common to scientific names, please refer to the Common to botanical name cross-reference.

Species are listed alphabetically according to their specific epithet, not by the new genus classifications (Corymbia, Symphiomyrtus, etc.).  The specific epithet is often incorrectly referred to as the "species name;" for example, the specific epithet of Eucalyptus parvula is "parvula".  Click on a letter below to go to the species whose specific epithets begin with that letter.  There are no cold-hardy Eucalyptus species that I know of whose specific epithets begin with the letters H, X or Z.

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These species have not yet been added to the common name index:

alligatrix Silver-leafed Stringybark
conspicua Silver-leafed Stringybark
denticulata Shining Gum
elaeophloia Nunniong Mallee
ignorabilis Scent Bark
pryoriana Rough-barked Manna Gum
radiata ssp. robertsonii croajingolensis
strzeleckii Strzelecki Gum
viminalis ssp. cygnitensis Rough-barked Manna Gum