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    About :

    Nobuo Uematsu

       Nobuo Uematsu is the man behind the music in all of the Final Fantasy games. It is difficult to imagine the level of involvement and dedication that goes into composing an entire videogame score; to create a small piece for every cinema scene or character in the game, an excerpt for the smallest mood or emotion. But to captivate the audience on every single occasion, appearing each time with amazing diversity, and creativity? It seems unfathomable. Nobuo, however, manages to do it every single time.
       Nobuo started his career at Squaresoft in 1986. Mr. Sakaguchi (the director at Squaresoft I believe) invited him to work at Squaresoft despite his having no formal training in music. People received a taste of his talents for the first time with his big break -- the original Final Fantasy score. Since then, Nobuo has been the exclusive composer for all of the mainstream Final Fantasy games, and has delivered everytime with some of the most moving music the videogame industry has ever heard.
       Part of the reason that Nobuo has been so successful with the Final Fantasy series is because of his talents at diversity; he is able to compose large quantities of diverse music, with no dropoff in quality. His score for Final Fantasy VII, for example, included 84 tracks of music, all different, all very powerful and moving. He stays with no fixed style, and with each of his new methods, he makes the music sound just as good.
       Along with producing soundtracks for various games, Nobuo Uematsu also produces arranged soundtracks for nearly all the games he writes soundtracks for. These arranged albums range from orchestrated Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite to the Irish music based Final Fantasy 4 Celtic Moon. He has released two of his own albums: Phantasmagoria and The Ten Planets as well as two vocal arrangement albums: Pray and Love Will Grow.
       Upcoming projects for Nobuo include a possible new solo arrangement, and the Final Fantasy movie (due in theatres 2001)  Mr. Uematsu, you're the greatest!


        All Sounds of FF 1 & 2
        FF Symphonic Suite
        Final Fantasy III OSV
        FFIII Eternal Legend of the Wind
        Final Fantasy IV OSV
        FFIV Piano Collections
        FFIV Minimum Album
        FFIV Celtic Moon
        Final Fantasy V OSV
        FFV Dear Friends
        FFV Mambo de Chocobo
        Final Fantasy V + 1
        Final Fantasy VI OSV
        FFVI Piano Collections
        FFVI Grand Finale
        FFVI Special Tracks
        FFVI Stars V. 1
        FFVI Stars V. 2
        FF 1987-1994
        FF 1987-1994 w/book
        Final Fantasy Mix
        Final Fantasy Pray
        FF Love Will Grow
        Chrono Trigger OSV
        Gun Hazard OSV
        Final Fantasy VII OST
        FFVII Reunion Tracks
        Ten Plants
        FFVIII OSV
        FFVIII Orchestra Version
        FFVIII Piano Collections (realeased soon)


    Brassty, Alfa, Genesis, Aliens, King's Knight special.
    King's Knight, Highway Star, Jumpin' Jack, Suisho no Dragon, Apple Town Story, Cleopatra no Maho, Square's Tom Sawyer, Hanjuku Hero, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 3.
    Game Boy
    SaGa (Final Fantasy Legend), SaGa 2 (Final Fantasy Legend II) with Kenji Ito.
    Super Nintendo
    Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger with Yasunori Mitsuda, Gun Hazard withYasunori Mitsuda.
    Sony PlayStation
    Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII.