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    Our Music in Midi format

    Chrono mix: ctmix.mid

    ----This piece was our first piece and probably the most clean of all the pieces.

    Setzer's End: setend.mid

    ---- I reccomend to listen to it while you serf. Our most difficult song, but when it gets clean, it will be awesome.

    Grandia Overture: Themeofgrandia.mid

    ----Finally finished, totally AWESOME!!

    Battle Grandia: btgrandia.mid (warm-up piece)

    ----We played it for awhile, it's cool, but loses it intrest and is now just used as a piece to warm us up, not bad though!!

    Final Fantasy Opera: Ueopera.mid

    ---Our only ballad tune, nice, easy, and sounds pretty darn cool.