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    Uematsu Band

    Thank you for showing intrest in the Uematsu Band. First here's our current members:

    Von: (me) Baritone, T. Sax and Music Arranger (yes bad pic!!)

    Kevin: Alto Sax -------

    Eric: Alto Sax -----

    Mark: Clarinet -----

    Tom: Trumpet

    Aaron: trumpet, french horn

    Dustin: Baritone

    We started practicing in early October and have been coming leaps and bounds since then we have four pieces which we have been intently working on. We practice once a week for 2 hours. If you would like to listen to our music (it's really easy and quick) Click the music link on the left. If you would to view our scores you must download Noteworthy Composer and then go to the scores link on the left and get the score itself. Thank you for visiting, I update 3-5 times a week, so check for new editions!!