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Lady Jaguar Highlights

It's Spring Break!

Cynthia, Sadiya, Anh and Vania aim for aces.

(3/30/10) Spring Break is a time for practice, and the girls are showing up every day to improve their skills for a run at the state tournament. We have four important matches coming up that will determine whether we qualify, and the girls are taking the challenge seriously. For more pics of these dedicated athletes at practice, click "here"

What a practice!!!

Anh shows her game face!

(2/27/10) This year was the best Rodeo Days practice in memory. The girls showed fierce intra-squad competitiveness, yet always supported each other, and took time out to help the new players improve. I'm pumped for a GREAT season!

For pics of our Rodeo Days practice, click "here"

Lady Jaguars dominate city-wide tournament!

Before the tournament: (from left) our mascot, Gladys, Cynthis, Arely, Yoandra, Kyla, Sadiya, Jade, Anh.

(2/06/10) For the first time ever, it was an all-Desert View final today at the annual Pre-season Tennis Challenger held at the Tucson Racquet Club. Sophomore Sadiya Buta completed a successful run to win the title, defeating teammate Cynthia Ramirez in the final. Enroute to the final, Sadiya downed the #1 players from Amphitheater and Marana High Schools.

Tournament champ Sadiya in action.

It's never fun to watch teammates play each other, and Cynthia and Sadiya didn't play their best in the final. As Sadiya said after the match, "It must have been like watching those Wiliams sisters matches," and it was.

The rest of the Lady Jags had success as well, as each of them won at least two of their four matches. Congratulations, Kyla (who reached the semis), Barbie, Arely, Jade, and Anh!

Girls rock at Spring Break!

Julie gives every shot her all.

(4/17/09) We've had a terrific spring break practice in preparation for regionals. The varsity Jags have entusiastically been out every day at 8am to earn their shot at going to state. I'm so proud of them!

Cynthia races in to hit a backhand.

Sadiya approaches a short ball.

Uniforms arrive!

(2/28/09) Our new Reebok dresses and Nike shoes arrived today, much to everyone's delight. Remember, the Lady Jags' Rule #1 is "Always Look Good"!

Kyla, Yoandra, and Cynthia model the new uniform.

Holiday Practice is Hot!

Bob smacks a forehand in singles.

(2/27/09) Our Rodeo Days practices are the time when we finalize our roster and practice is competitive... and long, four to five hours each day! Today, 21 girls showed up and we had a blast.

The girls pose for a group shot before heading to the courts.

Might Mite Julie runs down every ball and returns it with attitude...

Cynthia's concentration has brought her to the varsity...

...and freshman Ana has made remarkable progress in one week!

Jasmin and Yoandra shake hands after a hard-fought match, showing that sportsmanship always comes first.

Stephanie is proving herself to be an exceptional captain. Here, she counsels Sadiya and Vania on the mental points of doubles after their match.

Happy Birthday Butt Shots!

Carla enjoying the attention.

(2/16/09) Today was co-captain Carla's birthday, and we celebrated with our Lady Jaguar tradition: butt shots for the birthday girl.

Her teammates give it their all, but I think they only pegged her two or three times.

The 2009 Lady Jags are off and running!!!

After twenty non-stop minutes, Stephanie takes the lead in the final lap of the Indian run.

Believe it or not, these girls LOVE running stadiums!

(2/11/09) More than 30 girls have been attending practice in our first week and we're having a ball, despite the cold and rainy weather. The Varsity and Junior Jags look to be the strongest squads in recent history, thanks to their commitment to the Fall Tennis Club.

The Li'l and Baby Jags are simply the fastest learners I've ever seen. After only three days of practice, they've already learned forehands, backhands and volleys! Tomorrow, they will learn the serve and will be playing matches next week!

Li'l Jag Perla celebrates after hitting a volley winner in practice.

We always finish each practice with a competitive game. Today, because all the girls now know how to volley (sort of) it was Olympic Tennis, pretty brutal, and very competitive!

Our #1 varsity doubles team, Carla and Stephanie, retreat to chase down a lob.
Look at their concentration and coordination - they are going to have a great season!

Baby Jag Abby steps into a forehand perfectly during Olympic Tennis. It's only her third day of playing tennis!

Lady Jags compete in pre-season tournament!!!

The girls are all smiles before the tournament begins.

(1/25/09) Eleven Lady Jaguars renewed their taste for high school tennis today at the Preseason High School Tennis Challnger, held at the Tucson Racquet Club. All of the girls played well and hard, and I was proud of them. Despite playing against the city's top programs, they won as much as they lost, and they all now know what they need to work on. Way to go Lady Jags!!!

Here are some great action shots from the tournament taken by ace sports photographer Jerry Quesnel:

Stephanie reaches for a forehand...

Gaby rips a backhand...

Cynthia steps in on a backhand...

Sadiya is all business...

...and Carla gets ready to punish the ball.

41 Lady Jags sign up!

Stephanie and Carla keep it light when talking about conditioning. Little do the newbies know...

(1/22/09) More than forty girls attended the pre-season team meeting today, including a record number of first-timers. Captains Stephanie Celaya-Serventi and Carla Rodriguez did an excellent job explaining the program and the upcoming season. They presented this year's uniforms (a spiffy red and white Reebok dress), and shoes(spiffy red and white Nikes) as well as the upcoming schedule. We open against perennial powerhouse Catalina Foothills, who have won the state title 7 out of the past 8 years.

Lady Jags help run tournament!

(1/03/09) The Copper Bowl is the world's second-largest junior tennis tournament, featuring more than 1,000 of the nation's top players for five days at 12 sites throughout Tucson. Although most site directors are adults, or college students, the Copper Bowl hired Stephanie and Carla this year!

Stef checks in a player at Randolph Tennis Center.

Carla poses at El Conquistador Country Club, while former Lady Jag Jennie Craig fields another phone call from an angry parent.

Tournament directors Jason and Nina Dickinson were extremely impressed by Stephanie and Carla, and want them back for the Copper Bowl next year, as well as for tournaments this summer. Way to go Lady Jags!

Stef gives a taste of what's to come!

(10/27/08) Fall camp is continuing full throttle, and more and more girls are signing up to be Lady Jaguars. Today, our #1, Stephanie Celaya, hit with some of our freshmen and sophomores, giving them a taste of what to expect when the season begins. To their credit, the li'l ones didn't back down!

Stef rips a forehand...

...and Gaby responds with a powerful backhand...

...and Sadiya shows perfect form as Xylia waits her turn.

Fall Camp Starts with a Bang!!!

The beginners listen as Stephanie teaches them the ready position.

(9/11/08) The Jaguar Fall Tennis Camp began today, and looks to be the largest in school history! Thirty new players showed up today for the first day of camp to learn the basics of the game from our excellent varsity and JV leaders. Counting our 22 returners, this looks to be a HUGE team and an exciting year!

Janet shows emotion and a perfect follow-through in her first day ever playing the game.

Xylia demonstrates that she knows what "racquet preparation" means.

The Lady Jags did a great job helping the newbies feel comfortable. Here, Rosa helps Sadiya learn the forehand.

Daisy's a Dawg Now!

Daisy is pumped at being a rodent!

(8/15/08) Daisy Quezada is no longer a Jaguar - she's a Prairie Dog! She leaves Tucson this week to attend the College of Santa Fe, where she received a tennis scholarship. Daisy has always intended to be a Fine Arts major, and CSF happens to have one of the best art schools in the nation, so it couldn't be a better fit. Good luck, Dawg!

Another Wonderful Banquet!

The Lady Jags pose for the cameras.

(5/15/08) We had another enjoyable banquet at La Fuente. Click "here" for pictures of this memorable event.


Albert demonstrates how to attack the ball.

(3/21/08) The girls have been improving as fast as any team we've had, which is a tribute to their determination and work ethic. Today - with the season half-completed - we decided to move to the next level, focussing on attacking the ball, increasing racquet speed, and controlling the court. The results were immediate. We're looking to a strong finish to the season!

Karina (left) and Yoandra rip attacking backhands!

Rodeo Days Practice Comes to an End

Betzi shows off her new and improved forehand.

(2/23/08) Six hours of daily practice over Rodeo Days weekend has paid off for the Lady Jags. The girls drilled with our spiffy new Lobster ball machine for several hours a day before heading out for match play, and the improvement in their strokes was phenomenal!


Li'l Jags and Baby Jags Face Off in Doubles!

Rosa hits a backhand...

...which bounces high over Jennifer's racquet as Gaby looks on...

...and Rosa and Cynthia celebrate!

Jags Get Ready for Season Opener!

Vielka and Cynthia discuss the rules before their match.

(2/20/08) We open next Tuesday against 8-peat state champs Catalina Foothills and the girls are stepping up with enthusiasm. Today, the Li'l Jags and Baby Jags played "Queen of the Court" to determine their ladder. Our beginners will have their hands full against the Falcons, who have been playing for years, but it will be a great learning experience that should serve them well when conference play begins.

Defending the net, Ray watches as Diana leaps to smash an overhead.

Meanwhile, the Varsity Jags and Junior Jags drilled under Albert's expert tutelage, then played a raucous and athletic game of Olympic Tennis at the end of practice. I think that even the folks in Nogales could hear the girls' screams today!

Having hit a clean winner, Betzi and Kyla race to the other side of the court.

Happy Birthday, Ana! Butt shots will follow...

At the end of the day, Betzi and Karina presented Ana with an early birthday card. Ana will be playing the #3 position this year, and has been working hard to fill that role. It's too bad she's such a shy, retiring person... not!


Happy as ever, the girls begin conditioning with three laps around the courts, followed by shuffles and grapevines.

Then three sets of stadiums to build their quads and their stamina.

Then we drill. Diana ducks out of the way as Daisy soars during varsity serve practice.

(2/12/08) Losing ten seniors last year might make a lot of teams worry, but not the Lady Jags! The girls have come out roaring, showing not only enthusiasm, but dramatically improved skills. Thanks to the fall tennis club, every player is light-years beyond where she was last season.

Karina and Diana shake hands after a hard-fought match.

Because the returning Jags are so advanced, we began challenge matches today, a week ahead of schedule. We saw some good matches today and whether they won or lost, the girls now know what they need to work on.

We have about thirty players on the squad this year, and a very talented group of newcomers (I'll be mighty happy when the rest of them get their paperwork completed with the AD). Even though none of them played tennis before this year, they are now playing matches after only 6 days of practice! Thanks to Diana Tovar and Jennifer Daniels for helping me get them up to speed!

Jennifer (left) relaxes with some of the new Lady Jags (from left): Leslie, Lizbeth, Gaby, Jasmin, Viviana and Regina.

Steph takes charge!

Stephanie instructs Bianca in the proper backhand technique as Carla looks on.

(10/10/07) Junior co-captain Stephanie Celaya took charge of practice today and raised the bar for the new players. She not only focused on technique, but also conveyed her passion for excellence. Great Job, Steph!

Practice makes perfect! Leslie watches as her backhand lands in the green!

Christa steps in on a forehand!

55 Girls Sign Up for the 2008 Team!

(10/9/07) More than thirty new players have signed up to be part of the "Winning Tradition" this year, the largest number of new players in school history! They join more than 20 veterans, who began teaching the newbies the basics this week at the annual Jaguar Fall Tennis Camp.

Stephanie and her team of coaches feed balls by hand to help new players focus on repetition of movement.

New players learned the forehand yesterday. Today's lesson was on teaching the two-handed backhand, the easier stroke to master,
as Gabriela demonstrates.

Rosa smiles as her backhand lands in the green zone.

Carla shows Jasmine the proper preparation for a backhand.

Kyla and the rest of the coaches gave positive input and support.

Celebration for a Great Team!

The Lady Jags proudly show off their spiffy tennis socks before the banquet.

(5/8/07) We had yet another wonderful banquet - our ninth in a row at the excellent La Fuente restaurant. There was food, fun, music, tributes and awards, and plenty of emotion. Click "here" for photos of the event.

The Smartest Girls on the Planet!

They may not look it here, but these girls are REALLY smart!

(4/13/07) To me, one of the highlights of this excellent season came today, when I received an email from DV's Academic Compliance Officer, Bill Godbout, telling me that 100% of the team is academically eligible through the end of the season. Bill added that he didn't recall this ever happening with an athletic program as large as ours (27 players). He was so impressed that he notified the entire school of the team's accomplishment!

I'm starting to run out of good things to say about this year's wonderful squad, but I'd like to add one more: It's an honor to be your coach, ladies!

Now let's go out there and WIN STATE!!!

Jags Celebrated at Pep Assembly!

"Who's house? OUR house!"

(3/30/07) The Lady Jags were honored at today's spring sports pep assembly, and received a roaring ovation from the student body. We're heading toward yet another winning season, and everyone at DVHS appreciates the girls' hard work.

The girls break from their cheer to the applause of the student body.

The Tall Girls

Jimena and Sara bring a new dimension to the Lady Jags.

(2/22/07) We affectionately call them "the tall girls," but 5'10" junior Jimena Duarte and 5'10" sophomore Sara Welton bring more than height to the court. Each of them also brings an extraordinary work ethic and positive attitude. This morning, they showed up at 8am and practiced their singles and doubles for 3 1/2 hours and wanted more. Even though they have never played tennis before this season, they're improving rapidly, and we hope to give these Li'l Jags their first taste of competition against Flowing Wells on Tuesday.

Jimena and Sara are not alone in their enthusiasm and work ethic. This year's entire team is the hardest-working and most enthusiastic we've ever had. Every player gives her all in practice and remains positive and competitive. This is going to be an exciting season!


Ashley and Betzi agonize during stretches...

Then Stephanie leads the team through stadiums...

Jessica slams a backhand as Sandra prepares for the return...

2/06/07 The Lady Jags continue their tradition of success, as more than 30 talented players have joined this year's squad. Despite losing seven seniors from last year's state quarterfinal team, this group looks to be the most talented and athletic ever.

Daisy and Mayra anticipate Priscilla's huge serve...

Thanks to the excellent fall camp that Priscilla, Daisy and Stephanie ran, the new players are ready to play. Although today was only the second day of official practice, our "newbies" are already playing doubles matches, teamed with experienced players, learning where to stand and how to score.

Julie returns serve as Yvette guards the net...

The most impressive thing about this year's team is the enthusiasm of the players and the bonding of the new players with the returners. Much of the credit belongs to captain Priscilla Rojas, who has worked hard to recruit new players all year long, and may rank as the most popular Lady Jag captain of all time. Thanks, Priscilla!

Priscilla slams another ace, and her 5'10" partner Sara is an immediately imposing figure at net.

Pre-season camp begins!

Priscilla is doing a great job training the new players! It's because of her personality and popularity on campus
that so many new players have shown up this year.

(1/17/07) Pre-season training has begun under the outstanding tutelage of Priscilla, Daisy and Stephanie, and we're getting a great turnout, even with the "freezing" temperatures. Every day, new players are signing up, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Karina reaches out for a forehand.

And while she's hitting, the others are running the ladder,
unless Stephanie has them running stadiums.

It looks as if we may have the most enthusiastic and athletic team ever! I can't wait until February 5th, when I can actually get on the courts with these terrific kids. This year looks to be a lot of fun, and with it, a lot of success.

Great Turnout for Fall Practice!

On her very first day holding a racquet, Jimena already shows a championship form and smile!

(10/19/06) The fall tennis camp has begun, and it looks as if we have the most athletic group of new recruits ever. Fifteen new players have been showing up for twice-weekly instruction from our returning players. Team captain Priscilla Rojas says, “The Junior Jags better look out, because these girls are really talented.”

Priscilla teaches the girls how to serve on the 3rd day!

By the fourth day, the new players knew how to score, and were on the courts, keeping the ball in play! Many thanks to Priscilla, Daisy, Stephanie, Jessica and Ana for their selfless efforts. To keep it fun and engaging, we use innovative techniques created by legendary coaches Tom Veneziano and Oscar Wegner – coaches, they really work! But the best thing is – all of the girls are having a ball!

Our Kansas Konnection!

They're not in Kansas anymore!

(August 21st) The Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village, Kansas has donated 15 tennis racquets to the Lady Jags. Club member Kim Higgins learned about our program and notified club pro Dave Moyer that we could use something better than the usual Wal-Mart specials that most of us play with. In no time, they collected 15 top-of-the-line racquets and sent them to us, along with some spiffy Nike racquet bags. Because of their generosity, our new players (and some returners) will be playing with quality equipment this year! After all, Rule #1 is "Always Look Good!" Thanks to everyone at Homestead, especially Kim and Dave!

What a Banquet!!!!

(5/10/06) Our annual banquet this year had it all - music and margaritas (sin tequila), laughter and tears, trophies and an ancient abuelita dancing up a storm! As always, we held the banquet at the excellent La Fuente Restaurant, which was packed for Mexican Mother's Day. For more pics and info on the event, click "here".

Desert View Hosts Regionals!

Large crowds showed up every day.

(4/20-21/06) We were honored to host the first Gila Region tournament, and from the feedback we've received,it was a success. We saw great tennis, sportsmanship, and enthusiastic support of all the players.

Santa Rita players Candace Smith and Sheena Willard wait for their "colossal burgers"
as DV's expert burger flipper Tabby Collister attends to another order.

Our BBQ was also a great success, earning lots of money to support the team. We couldn't have done it without the support of our wonderful parents, led by Sonia Collister, and assisted by Junior Jags Yvette Torres and Stephanie Celaya.

Former Chaparral teacher Cathy Quesnel ably ran the tournament desk.

And thank to all the others who helped make the tournament such a success: USTA officials Ed Kelly and Sam Fields, Tournament Desk Cathy Quesnel, Tournament director Raul Hodgers, our maintenance crew led by Tom Canez, and my wonderful girls who cleaned up the site after each day.

Thanks, everyone!


We could not have accomplished our amazing improvement this year without the knowledge and skill of assistant coach Maria Canizales. One of the greatest players to ever play for Desert View, she has selflessly returned to encourage the girls to exceed her own accomplishments.

Maria drills the varsity over Easter break.

#1 Bethany Kashian says, "Yeah, Maria's tough on us, but she's been there. She knows what we need to do to get to the next level, so we know that we need to listen to her."

During her senior year, Maria was lucky enough to train under then-Lady Jaguar volunteer coach, Vicky Maes, former NCAA #1 and now head coach of the University of Arizona Wildcats."Vicky taught me that simply 'trying' to do my best wasn't enough. I had to 'do' my best. I'm trying to relay that same message to the Lady Jags."


Bethany is the top seed at regionals!

(4/12/06) Senior Lady Jag Bethany Kashian has been honored as the top seed at the Gila Conference regional championships, which will be held at Desert View High School Thursday and Friday, April 20th and 21st! She'll be joined in the singles bracket by junior Priscilla Rojas, who is seeded #4. And it gets better -- both our doubles teams are seeded, too! The tandem of senior Tabby Collister and junior Jessica Pena is seeeded fifth in doubles, and seniors Lauren Dobbertin and Lisa Rodarte are seeded sixth. Onward and upward to state, ladies -- we're all so proud of you!

Lane's off to Yurp!

Lane continues to rack up the awards!

(3/20/06) Former Lady Jaguar Darlane Santa Cruz has just been named a Humanity in Action Fellow, granting her an all-expense paid six weeks in Europe this summer! She leaves May 30th and returns on July 6th. What a great opportunity for such a great kid!

Lane was one of 60 finalists from an initial pool of more than 400 applicants from US universities. She underwent a grueling process, including essays and interviews. Way to go Lane!

Alums Return!!!

(From left) Alexis, Maria, Lane, Vanessa, and Albert are happy to see each other again.

(3/6/06) Today’s match against Nogales turned into an impromptu Alumni Day, as several former Lady Jags and one Jaguar showed up to cheer on the team. Alexis Huicochea (2001), now an ace crime reporter for The Arizona Daily Star, showed up to cheer on her sister, Lisett. So did Vanessa Celaya (2002), whose sister Stephanie is the top freshman on this year’s squad. Vanessa, who played #1 for Pima Community College, works with Stephanie on the weekends. Lane Santa Cruz (2002), who played at Samford University and is now a graduate school candidate at the UA, brought along honorary Lady Jag, brother Albert (2004), currently a standout on the St. Joseph’s College tennis team, who’s home for Spring break. They all enjoyed reuniting with our outstanding assistant coach, Maria Canizales (2001) who went on to play for San Francisco State University, and who helped them all become better players.

Another HUGE team!

The Lady Jags are happy to finally be on the bus to Douglas!

(3/2/06) With 35 players on this year's squad, the Lady Jaguars once again rank as one of the largest high school teams in the country. Eighteen enthusiastic and athletic new players join 17 returners in what was expected to be a "rebuilding year." However, we hold higher expectations - we look to winning state in our new division. To that end, Coach Maria Canizales is busily whipping an inexperienced varsity into shape, and she knows how - when she was a Lady Jag, Maria trained under one of the top coaches in the biz - Vicky Maes, former NCAA #1 and now head coach for the Arizona Wildcats.

The Birthdays Keep on Coming!!!

Bruised and battered, the girls still have attitude!

(2/27/06) Before our final practice before the season starts tomorrow, we discovered we had yet two more birthdays to celebrate - co-captain Leonisa Lewis and up-and-coming JV star Daisy Quezada. So it was time once again for our beloved butt shots. I'm pleased to report that the team's accuracy has improved considerably in our 2 1/2 weeks of practice. I'm not sure Nisa and Daisy are quite as pleased.


The birthday girl gets pegged!

(2/20/06) Yet another birthday, this time junior Ana Romero's. The girls' aim continues to improve - sorry 'bout that, Ana! And by the way, Happy Birthday!


Bethany pegs Carla for the second time.

(2/16/06) Popular freshman Carla Rodriguez turned 15 today, and was eager for the "Tabby treatment." But while Tabby escaped unscathed, a week of practice seems to have paid off, and Carla was pegged several times. Still, as the photo shows, she had a great time, and was then spirited off by her parents for her celebration. Happy birthday, Carla!

New Season Kicks Off!!!

Nisa jumps for joy!

(2/08/06) The new season has begun, and it looks to be one of the most talented teams in Lady Jaguar history. Not only are 12 seniors returning, but the crop of new players are the most athletic I've ever had the pleasure of coaching.


A near miss!

(2/08/06) Today was also Tabby's birthday, so she had the pleasure of enduring the venerable Lady Jag tradition - butt shots from her teammates. Fortunately, she escaped unscathed.

Passing the baton

Former rivals Tanya and Nisa share a friendly moment.

(1/20/06) Former Lady Jag Tanya Cota, now playing for NCAA Division 1 Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, dropped by school to give her impressions and advice to this year's #1 Leonisa Lewis. Nisa is currently weighing scholarship offers and was grateful for the advice.

Tanya’s a Lady Bronc!!!

A very happy girl signs her NLI

(7/26/05) Tanya Cota is now officially a Lady Bronc! Today, she signed her NCAA National Letter of Intent to attend Division 1 Rider University on an athletic grant-in-aid scholarship. Located in Lawrenceville, NJ (just a stone’s throw from Princeton), Rider competes in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), and went 14-6 last season, finishing in third place. Rider coach Ed Torres, who was recently named “2005 MAAC Coach of the Year,” says, “The girls and I are excited about Tanya attending Rider next fall and possibly holding down the No.1 position.”We’re all so proud of you, Tanya!!!

Tanya becomes the 7th Desert View tennis player to earn a college tennis scholarship in the past 6 years. She joins distinguished company: Claudia Meza (Grand Canyon, Stetson), Maria Canizales (San Francisco State), Lane Santa Cruz (Samford), Alisa Martinez (Pima), Albert Santa Cruz (St. Joseph's), and Pattie Fregoso (Pima).

Lucky Nisa!

Always the coolest girl on the planet,
Nisa’s now hanging with the stars!

(7/25/05) Lady Jag Leonisa Lewis is attending the Nike Tennis Camp at Stanford University this week, a surprise gift from her cousin Patrick, who attends the university, where he is working toward his masters’ degree. Her personal coach is none other than Lele Forood, head coach of the Stanford women’s tennis team, perennially one of the best NCAA teams in the nation. Nisa says she’s getting quite a workout. In addition, The Bank of the West professional tournament is being held at the Stanford courts at the same time, and the Nike campers get front row seats at the matches! Nisa has been able to meet, up close and personal, Lindsay Davenport, Venus Williams, Kim Clijsters and Meghann Shaughnessy.

Congratulations, Pattie!

Pattie signs with Pima!

(6/2/05) Pima College tennis coach Jason Wilson has offered Pattie Fregoso Escalante a full scholarship to play for the Pima College Aztecs next year. She'll be joining former Lady Jag teammate Alisa Martinez on the Aztec squad. This has been a special year for Pattie, posting a 12-2 record this season, getting married in April, and now earning a scholarship. We're proud of you, Pattie!

Lane Wins Scholarship!

Hard work pays off for yet another Lady Jag!

(5/11/05) The University of Arizona has awarded former Lady Jaguar Lane Santa Cruz the McNair Scholarship Award. The award, named in memory of astronaut Ronald E. McNair, who died in the 1986 Challenger disaster, honors minority students who are on track to earn a ph.D degree. In addition to a substantial financial stipend, the award provides Lane with a faculty mentor, and puts her on the fast track to earn her doctorate. After attending Samford University for two years on a tennis scholarship, Lane transferred to the UA and is balancing dual majors in philosophy and Mexican American studies. U La Bomba, Lane!!!!

A Great Celebration for a Great Team!

(5/4/05) The ladies enjoyed another wonderful banquet at La Fuente Restaurant. Trophies and awards were handed out and there were margaritas - sin tequila - mariachis and madcap mayhem, culminating with Ana and Tabby leaping to their feet to dance with the mariachis.

Ana feels the music!

It was also time to bid farewell to our six close-knit seniors, Athena, Tanya, Pattie, Stefanie, Kristen, and Dominique.

Our seniors pose for a last picture.

In a special moment, Athena paid a touching tribute to her teammates with a moving speech and presentation of flowers.

Athena honors Stefanie.

We’ll miss these wonderful young ladies and the strong sense of family they created. But their creation lives on. From what I saw tonight, next year’s squad will continue to support each other and continue to be Desert View’s most successful program!

Next year's stars share a laugh.

The Largest Team Ever!!!

The Lady Jags fill the bus on the ride to Douglas.

(2/18/05) Success breeds success! This year’s Lady Jaguar tennis team numbers 38 players, which may make us the largest high school team in the US. In addition to 22 returning players, we’ve been blessed with 16 enthusiastic and athletic newcomers – who are already playing challenge matches in just their second week in the sport! Many thanks must be given to outstanding assistant coach - and former NJCAA all-American - Claudia Loyola, for making it possible for us to keep all this talent.


Alisa Martinez can PLAY!

(1/4/05) In her first year of college tennis, ex-Lady Jag Alisa Martinez will play the #2 position for the Pima College Aztecs! Alisa worked hard during the fall for coach Jason Wilson and the hard work paid off in this month's challenge matches. Congratulations, Gumby!!!


Alexis and CBS legend Walter Cronkite

(12/16/04) Former Lady Jag Alexis Huicochea graduated today, a semester early, from Arizona State University's prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Not only did she graduate early, Alexis graduated summa cum laude, the highest academic honor awarded a university graduate. She's now an ace reporter for the Arizona Daily Star. Congratulations, Alexis!!!

Campers Win Title…Again!

(7/10/04) For the fourth year in a row, the Southside Tennis Academy has won the citywide NJTL team title! At the annual NJTL Bonanza, held last night at Randolph Tennis Center, our campers, seeded #1, downed Sabino in the semi-finals and then edged the Randolph Camp 49-42 in the finals. Congratulations to all the team members who played so well in the tournament: Albert Santa Cruz, Diego Jimenez, Francisco Gamez, Tanya Cota, Leonisa Lewis, Bethany Kashian, Enrique Zarate, Rafael Sepulveda, Alan Gamez, Stephanie Celaya, Alanna Castro, and Leslie Gamez.

After the matches were completed, players, family and friends were treated to an exciting exhibition doubles match, featuring our very own coach, Kim Curtis, who plays for the University of Hawaii! Kim and partner Matt Gleason won easily over a WTA touring pro and Randolph teaching pro, 4-0. Way to go, Kim!

Camp Off to Huge Start!

The campers pose after their first day.

(6/7/04) This looks to be our best summer camp ever! We expect to have the highest numbers yet, and a truly outstanding team of coaches. Maria Canizales, who played for the Lady Jags and then at San Francisco State University, returns for her third summer, and this year is joined by last year's popular beginner's coach Joey Suarez. Rounding out the crew are two truly outstanding division-1 college players: Kim Curtis and Jessie Rochefort. Kim was a standout at Sabino High School and currently plays for the University of Hawaii. Jessie, who trained at the famed Bolletierri Academy in Florida, now stars for the University of Arizona Wildcats. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to get the very best coaching available in the city.

Thanks, Coaches! From left, Maria, Kim, Jessie and Joey

Former Lady Jag Wins Florida Tournament!!!

Claudia wins again!

(11/16/03) Ex-Lady Jaguar Claudia Meza emerged victorious again in the Tampa Bay Women's 5.5 K-Swiss Ultimate Tennis Championships today, winning 7-6(4), 6-3 in the finals. She also won the Florida 5.0 title this past summer. After graduating from Stetson University, where she served as graduate assistant coach, Claudia now lives in St Petersburg, Florida where she's teaching tennis to kids and adults. She's also obviously keeping up with her tennis game! Way to go, Claudia!

Time Continuum

(3/22/03) We often don't realize the impact we have on others. The Tucson Citizen was on campus today, photographing and interviewing players. #1 Nayelli Ballesteros made a point of mentioning how former Lady Jag Claudia Meza was “her inspiration,” and how she looks up to her as a “big sister.”

Claudia instructs Nayelli during a 2000 visit to Desert View

Nayelli isn’t the first to utter those same words: former Lady Jags Lane Santa Cruz and Maria Canizales both said similar things in newspaper interviews as their tennis careers ascended, thanks to Claudia’s help each summer and during holiday breaks. In her quiet, selfless way, Claudia, whose outstanding achievements have been chronicled in The New York Times, Arizona Daily Star, Dayton Beach News-Journal, and Latina and Guideposts magazines, has become one of the greatest ambassadors of tennis in Tucson history.

Claudia (center), Maria (left) and Lane (right) take a break from practice in 2001

Now, Maria has returned to Tucson to help train the Lady Jags. She has done a superb job raising the bar for the varsity players by introducing challenging college tennis drills. Thanks to her wisdom, dedication, and enthusiasm, the girls have really stepped up their level of play.

I can’t say enough to thank these splendid young women for giving back to their community. Neither can the Lady Jaguars.

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