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We're having a terrific spring break practice! The girls know that we're one of the state's top-ranked teams, so they're determined to keep us at the top of the rankings!

Gaby, one of our most improved players, pounds a forehand.

Vania prepares to rip a winner.

Anh attacks the ball.

Sadiya laughs as a lob goes over her head.

Cynthia makes a great save in the corner, as usual.

The girls enjoy a bagel break.

Marlene does the Agassi tongue thingie.

Lefty Lilly has her eye on the ball.

Cristina is our Fashionista - she has style!

Jade is one of our toughest competitors.

Yoandra prepares to serve.

Hopefully, Gladys' big sister will teach her the importance of using hair ties, haha.

Another practice comes to an end....

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