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A Great Celebration for a Great Team!

(5/15/08) La Fuente restaurant hosted the Lady Jaguars to another sensational meal and banquet, with wonderful food, service and mariachi music. We celebrated one of the most dedicated teams in our history, and said farewell to some very special seniors.

All dressed up, with somewhere to go, the girls pose for...

...the usual horde of paparazzi.

The girls give them their money's worth.

Time to eat!

Rosa and Cynthia take a break from looking at the scrapbook.

Stephanie and Rae enjoy the moment.

Yoandra and Gaby were pretty well behaved...well,for freshmen...

Even the boys behaved!

Karina and Vania enjoy La Fuente's excellent food... the mariachis serenade.

Daisy cracks up as Esmeralda and Carla sing along with the band.

As the evening ended, the girls hit the dance floor and said their goodbyes for another year.

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