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2010 Rodeo Days Practice

We had great weather and great bagels for one of the best Rodeo Days practces that I can recall. This is a hard-working group of girls!

Vania does her best Kim Clijsters imitation returning a high ball.

Iliana literally keeps her eye on the ball - she has improved so much!

Jade shows off her new backhand - at last!

Christina holds net as Gladys returns...

Cynthia shows the patience that comes from experience as she eyes a moonball.

Kyla does what she loves best -- attacking net!

The girls call Sadiya "Wall-E," because she's like a wall - she hits everything back.

Anh reacts after hitting a winner.

No one hits the ball harder than Gaby and Pablito.

Arely is on the courts every day, and getting better and better.

Yoandra nails a swinging volley at net, although I sure wish she wouldn't do that...

Perla, "the ghost," works on her tan.

LaTasha is a welcome addition to our team...

.. as is Marlene, back for her second year, and much improved!

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