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I have no souvenirs of Baghdad except wounds, long and deep.

My body and soul have been cut to pieces, like the clippings of a tailor.

I'll wrap a shroud of these clippings around my neck and join a group of beggars.

I'll beg for Baghdad's scraps, Bahu, and cry out "Miran! Miran!"

Sultan Bahu

Memoirs of Saints


Hazrat Abu Muhammad Imam Ja'far Sadiq (r.a.)

Hazrat Owais Qarni (r.a.)

Hazrat Hasan Basri (r.a.)

Hazrat Malik ibn Dinar (r.a.)

Hazrat Muhammad Wasi' (r.a.)

Hazrat Habib 'Ajmi (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Hazim Makki (r.a.)

Hazrat Rabi'a Basri (r.a.)

Hazrat Fuzail bin 'Ayad (r.a.)

Hazrat Ibrahin bin Adham (r.a.)

Hazrat Bishr Hafi (r.a.)

Hazrat Dhu'n-Nun Misri (r.a.)

Hazrat Bayazid Bistami (r.a.)

Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak (r.a.)

Hazrat Sufyan Thauri (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Shaqiq Balkhi

Hazrat Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (r.a.)

Hazrat Dawud Ta'I (r.a.)

Hazrat Harith Muhasibi

Hazrat Muhammad bin Samak

Hazrat Suhail bin 'Abdullah Tustari (r.a.)

Hazrat Ma'ruf Karkhi (r.a.)

Hazrat Sari Saqti (r.a.)

Hazrat Ahmad Khidrawiya (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Turab Nakhshabi (r.a.)

Nazrat Yahya bin Muadh Razi (r.a.)

Hazrat Shah Shuja Kirmani (r.a.)

Hazrat Yusuf bin Hussain (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Hafz Haddad (r.a.)

Hazrat Hamdun Qassar (r.a.)

Hazrat Mansur Ammar (r.a.)

Hazrat Junaid al-Baghdadi (r.a.)


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Hazrat Umar bin Uthman Makki

Hazrat Abu Sa'id Khiraz (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Hasan al-Nuri (r.a.)

Hazrat Uthman al-Hiri (r.a.)

Hazrat Abdullah Jila (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Muhammad Royam (r.a.)

Hazrat Samnun Muhib (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Muhammad Murt'ash (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Bakr Wiraq (r.a.)

Hazrat Abdullah Manazil (r.a.)

Harat Abu Bakr Katani (r.a.)

Hazrat Abdullah Khafif

Hazrat Abu Muhammad Jariri (r.a.)

Hazrat Mansur Al-Hallaj (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Bakr Wasiti (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Shahryar Shaibani (r.a.)

Hazrat Abul Hasan Khirqani (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu Bakr Shibli (r.a.)

Hazrat Shaikh Abul Abbas Qassab(r.a.)

Hazrat Ishaq Ibrahin bin Ahmad al-Khawwas (r.a.)

Hazrat Mumshad Dinwari (r.a.)

Hazrat Abul Ishaq Ibrahim Shaibani


Hazrat Abu Bakr Saidlani (r.a.)

Hazrat Shaikh Abu 'Ali Diqaq (r.a.)

Hazrat Abu 'Ali Ahmad bin       Muhammad Rudbari (r.a.)

Hazrat Shaikh Abul Hasan Ali bin Ibrahim al-Hasri (r.a.)

Hazrat Shaikh Abu Uthman Sa'id bin Salam al-Maghribi (r.a.)

Hazrat Abul Abbas Nihawandi (r.a.)

Hazrat Abul Qasim Nasrabadi (r.a)

Hazrat Abul Fadl Hasan Saraksi (r.a.)

Holy Ka'ba in Mecca