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Our Mission

Seekers of this world are like dogs, wandering from door to door in wonder.

Their attention is riveted on a bone, their lives wasted in bickering.

Short on intelligence and unable to understand, they set out in search of water.

Apart from recollection of the Lord, Bahu, all else is idle chatter.

Sultan Bahu

Phone: (1972)9390-435; (613)9390-3612




The Holy Ka'ba in Mecca

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The Aouliya Foundation has a mission that encompasses the following five points:

1. To increase the zikr of Allah and His Rasul, Sardar-e-Kainat, Muhammad

2. To remember the Aouliya-Allah, and assimilate their practices ('amal) in reaching the goal.

3. To set up langer khanas (free kitchens), for the distribution of food to the needy.

4. To provide the means and facilities for work for widows and orphans.This shall make them more able to gain the means (by the grace of Allah) to self-sufficiency.

5. To set up institutions of learning. More specifically, The Aouliya Foundation will set up madrasas and masjids for students. The learning shall focus making students huffaz of Al-Qur'an.


As you can see, the line of action is very extensive and therefore requires assistance in any form.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact either:

Hazrat Sofi Azhar Hussain Shah Faridie, or Khalid M. Malik (details as shown below and on the homepage).