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About Us

The heart's desire is unfulfilled and distant

My lover won't give it medicine, and it won't mend its ways

Hotter fires burn in love's battlefield

And, Bahu, I'm in awe of those who charge in.

Sultan Bahu

Phone: (1972)9390-435; (613)9390-3612




The Holy Ka'ba in Mecca

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Aouliya Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation, working for the welfare of Muslims wherever they may be.

Under the guidance of:

Hazrat Sofi Sultan Mohammod Mahboob Shareef Sahab


Founded by:

Hazrat Soofie Azhar Hussain Shah Faridie

The Aouliya Foundation is spreading its wings rapidly, with a network expanding from U.S.A. to Canada, India, Pakistan, and Australia. And Insha'Allah, By Allah's Mercy, the news shall spread throughout the globe.