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Tips On Coping With Loss

    "Spoken memories reaffirm that the people we loved go on living in our hearts and minds."

    "Some feel guilt when they have fun and feel like they may be forgetting the deceased. This is part of the healing process and it is fine to have fun. Time doesn't erase memories."

    "There is simply no timetable for pain, no accurate way to grieve, and the process depends on many personal factors. The experience of a loss is uncharted territory."

    "Support is important from friends and family. Support comes from those who allow one to openly share anguish without saying everything is ok when it is not."

    "Anger is sometimes directed at friends, the medical community or God, for saying the "wrong" things, or for not saying anything at all. It is all right if people do not know what to say to someone that is grieving. It may be best to just simply offer help."

    "Give yourself permission to feel the way that you are feeling. Feelings keep changing. The intense feelings of grief may include disbelief, anger, envy, panic, loneliness, and may be physical as well as emotional. Sleep and appetite problems are not uncommon. Reassuring is the statement, "Understand that most grieving people have similar symptoms and that they are temporary.. They fade as you continue your journey through the grieving process."

    "Tragedy enables us to see life differently. We sometimes confront our own mortality. The loss of a loved one might encourage us to make our life more meaningful. What was significant may now seem trivial. It may be a time to re-evaluate our life and change our priorities."

    "Love doesn't die. People Do. We learn to cherish our families and friends and the memories we share with those close to us in life. That is what remains after the loss - memories of the time we shared."

    "Take small steps and take pride in your little victories. Getting better is your choice. Grief is the price you pay for love, but you don't have to go on paying forever. You have endured the worst kind of experience. You will survive, there is hope."

    Authors Unknown (Tips submitted anonymously)

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