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The Music Industry is made of by many professions

and supportive industries.
There are the musicians, who create and sell their music.
Music publishers, producers, recording studios, engineers,

record labels retail and online music stores,
licensing organizations, booking agents, promoters, venue providers,

road crews, talent managers, artist and repertoire managers,
business managers, entertainment attorneys, trademark attorneys,

broadcast organizations, journalist, educators,

musical instrument manufacturers,

accountants, photographers, videographers,

graphic artist,  and the end user!!
Still, there are many more organizations, agencies,

companies that impact the music industry.
Raw material producers, shipping companies,

and government agencies

and this list can go on for pages.

This is not a endeavor you want to go alone on!!!


The music business can be a tough road to stay on,

and no one should try to travel it along!!

Get the resources you will need to succeed at making a difference

Homeboy Media specialize in assisting Rhythm & Blues,  Modern Sound Blues and Contemporary Gospel Artist!!

Homeboy Media is the regional contact
for Music Quest Entertainment, which has the ability

to help any who want product distribution,
to be in the music business, or have an artist to promote!!

Music Quest Entertainment can establish national exposure for your *CD and *Video releases through *Distribution, *National Radio
Airplay, *Internet Viral Marketing, *Internet TV, *Public Relations and *Concerts and much more.

Homeboy Media can assist you in developing and providing an effective promotions campaign using:

Classified ads online and offline
Specialized web pages
SEO Tools and Social media websites
Direct mail
Email Marketing Tools
Website rotators
Traffic Exchanges
Article distribution

Coupons & Promotions

Customer Management


Homeboy Media  assures you, we have a service, that will fit your budget and meet your advertising objectives.

Too many business owner use the wrong media to attract their

Homeboy Media will help you avoid that error.