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Forever In Our Heart's

This Home Page is dedicated to the memory of our twin son's Gunnar and

River who were born asleep. We hope you will stay and remember them with us.

They are Forever In Our Hearts.

My Babies,

Today we had to say "See you again in heaven" I won't say good bye because I

can't and I won't, I know that you will alway's be with me in my heart and my

soul. I miss you so much it seems like forever since I held you in my arm's

and kissed you sweet little cheek's, I know that I have to make it not for me

but for Timmy and Jessa and to make sure that everyone know's about you.

You will live on in all of us,because you are a part of all of us and you

always will be, Forever In Our Heart's.

You have my heart, you are my babies and I will love you forever.

Hug's and Kisses for Eternity.. Love Alway's and Forever Mommy

Dakotah Rayne Dougherty July 7th 1999 - September 6th 1999 SIDS.

This is Gunnar and River's baby brother Dakotah Rayne who is now in Heaven playing with them.

He died the day before he turned 2 months old.

If you would liek to visit his memorial page please, Click here.

If you would like to see some picture's of Gunnar and River, click here.

To read our story, click here.

to read them please,click here.

Thought's To You, My Babies in Heaven,click here.

A Note To All Bereaved Mommies and Daddies, click here.

Our Web Ring's and Link's To Who Made These Graphics Are On This Page, click here.

A letter from Daddy,click here.

To Win Gunnar and River's Award,and to see the Awards that we have recieved,click here.

To see our Family picture's,click here.

light a candle on Dec 13th in memory of
our angels

c. Kitty Roach

c. Kitty Roach


Quote By Nicole.

We have created a New Memorial Wall and webring called Angels Of Our Heart's for parent's to add their child's name to and

we link them to their Memorial Pages so everyone can visit them. If you would

like to add your child's name or just visit or join the webring, click here.

Susan Cooper was kind enough to make this for us, and I just love it.

Thank you Susan.

We won this award from My Mom is A Survivor. Thank You all for this beautiful award.

Please DO NOT copy this background it was made

especially for Gunnar and River by Gage's Mommy Trinity. If you like her work

please visit her graphic's page by clicking on the Graphic's button above.

We thank you for respecting our wishes.

Gunnar and River's Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother and Big Sister

A very nice lady named Debbie made these stars for our boy's, she has a

wonderful page called Born Angels dedicated to her son Adam Donald who was

an Angel, July 27, 1995. Please stop by her page and you will see what I am

talking about,click here.

Jacob's Mommy, Beckie gave this to us, please stop by her page and visit her

Angel Jacob


NOTHING from these pages that we have written to our Son's can be taken from

these pages. Some people have asked for us to contribute our Story to their

books, we appreciate the fact that they want us to be in their books, but we are

not comfortable having someone else handleing our story in any manner.

Thank you for your cooperation.

And NONE of the pictures of us or our sons may be copied either.

Gunnar and River Dougherty's Family.

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