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This is a picture of us. Tim, Nicole, Timmy and Jessa.

and our Angels In Heaven Gunnar and River.

This is our newest addition Dakotah Rayne Dougherty, he came to us 6 weeks early on July 7th 1999 and left us to be an Angel In Heaven with his brother's Gunnar and River in Heaven. He died on September 6th 1999. SIDS took our Angel baby. If you would like to visit his memorial site please clickhere.

And A friend made a page for Dakotah you can visit that page when you clickhere.

NOTHING from these pages that we have written to our Son's can be taken from

these pages. Some people have asked for us to contribute our Story to their

books, we appreciate the fact that they want us to be in their books, but we are

not comfortable having someone else handleing our story in any manner. Thank

you for your cooperation.

And NONE of the pictures of us or our son's may be copied either.

Gunnar and River Dougherty's Family.