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Win Gunnar and River's Award

To win Gunnar and River's Award your page must be a dedication page. This is

Award is for dedication page's and for page's that have family value's and


This is a very special award because it come's from Our son's. Gunnar and River

who touched so many lives even though no one had the chance to meet them

because their lives were cut so short. But they are special to so many


If you would like to receive Gunnar and River's award please email us your

Dedication page and we will look at it and then email you their award.

Please DO NOT just take it, they are our son's and we want to be able to give

it to dedication site's that deserve it. If you take it with out our knowledge

or permission and we find out (and we will) we will notify your homepage

provider and ask that it be removed. It is considered stealing and we do not

condone it, so please do not take it from here wait until we send it to you.

Thank you Gunnar and River's Mommy,Daddy, brother and sister.


Gage's Mommy gave us this award, she has a beautiful memorial to her son

please visit by just clicking on his award.

We recieved this Award from Lisa, Thank you. To visit her page please click on the award.

We recieved this award from a very nice lady

named Dixie.If you would like to see her page please click on the award.

We have the honor of receiving Miss Mary Ann's first award ever given. If you

would like to see a BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRATIONAL site please just click on our

award above and you will be in Heaven..Thank You Mary Ann for this honor.

We recieved this Award from Derek's Mommy,

The first Twins Award she has given in memory of her son, if you would like to

meet Lisa and visit her page that she has done in his memory please click on

the award above.

We received this award from our friend Sherre Stinson, thank you Sherre.

We received these awards from Beth Berhow, her Angel is Giana.

This award was given to us by Tammy Novak, please visit her site dedicated to

her baby that she lost.

We received this award from a sight fight that we participated in

February 1999, thank you for you votes.

We received this award from one of the judges. Thank you Lynn.

Nathaniels Momma Delynn gave this award to us,

she has become a special friend to our family

Thank you Delynn for this Award.

Thank you Dawn for this beautiful award.

NOTHING from these pages that we have written to our Son's can be taken from

these pages. Some people have asked for us to contribute our Story to their

books, we appreciate the fact that they want us to be in their books, but we are

not comfortable having someone else handleing our story in any manner. Thank

you for your cooperation.

And NONE of the pictures of us or our son's may be copied either.

Gunnar and River Dougherty's Family.