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The 1st page dedicated to the SUPERB actor Dan Futterman

Dan Futterman has talent spilling out all over. He has starred in such films as the very funny Shooting Fish, the wonderfully delightful Breathing Room, the Civil War tear jerker Class of '61, and others. We got to see him opposite Robin Williams as his son Val in The Birdcage. He is also involved in a romantic triangle in the film 1999 ~ He even plays a man named Rufus ~ how much better does it get? Just one look into those piercing beautiful blue eyes and you fall in love . He was born on June 8th, 1967. One of his parents is a psychiatrist and the other is a lawyer, "the two services an actor needs" Futterman says.

Hey!!! Make sure that you check Dan out in his television series 'Judging Amy' on Tuesday nights, CBS 9pm (Pacific/Mountain).

Excellent movie ~ Shooting Fish

Picture credit to Foxsearchlight pictures

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Breathing Room

Dan Futterman & Susan Floyd

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Isn't Spike dreamy...

Picture below from 'Next Magazine' - thanks to Robert

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