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My name is Mike and on June 14th, 2001, I was lucky enough to be hired as an Extra in the new Columbia Pictures movie "ENOUGH", starring Jennifer Lopez. Dan Futterman plays her love interest in the movie. Me and my Black Ford Explorer were being used on a ferry scene. The ferry comes in to dock and Dan runs off into the arms of Jennifer Lopez. As we were waiting for the ferry to reach the dock [ which took 20 minutes ] all those on board had little to do but stand around. I must admit I did not know then who Dan Futterman was at the time! I just knew when the ferry reached the dock, I was suppose to drive off and cut in front of the villain's car [played by Noah Wyle of ER fame}. I noticed a scruffy looking guy in an old army fatigue jacket and faded jeans leaning against the front of my Explorer and took him to be one of the movie crew members. He noticed me giving him a dirty look and moved to the side and sat down on a guide rail next my SUV. A minute later another Extra came up and said," Look, there's Dan Futterman". Who?, I asked. The Co-Star of this movie ,I was told. Didn't I feel like a JERK! We were told we could take pictures as long as none were taken of the actual filming going on. I took out my camera and managed to catch Dan's eye and asked him if he would mind if I took a photo. He said "No Problem" and gave me a good mug shot. I told him he could lean on my car anytime he wanted, and he laughed. The second photo is Dan getting ready to leave the ferry, taken from behind the wheel of my SUV. This picture is due out next spring, I hope you like these new photos of Dan. He seems like a Great guy.

2nd photo coming soon!

Thanks for sharing, Mike! : ]

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A gruesome twosome we will be.

Together, yeah yeah yeah.

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