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Dan Futterman Filmography

DAUGHTERS OF PRIVILEGE (aka Keys to the Kingdom) (1991)

Made for televison film in which Futterman plays Ballard Moss

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY...THEY GET EVEN (aka Stepkids) (1991)

I have yet to see this one, but it is about this fed-up teenager running away...Dan plays a guy named Josh.

Hey, I found a site a while ago with a better picture of the publicity poster for Stepkids, but now I can't get back to it...if anyone knows how to get to it I would be most grateful if you could tell me!

CLASS OF 61 (1993)

Story of young cadet friends that end up on opposing sides. Futterman plays the main character Shelby, caught between staying and fighting with his friends in the North and his family sentiments settled in the South. It's great listening to his accent switch from southern drawl to heavy New York attitude. :)Be prepared to shed some tears on this one.

FAR HARBOR (aka Mr. Speilberg's Boat) (1996)

Ok, I haven't been able to see this one yet, but it's about a group of yuppies that gather for dinner in a seaside Long Island mansion.

Click here to see the publicity poster for the film

BREATHING ROOM {aka Til Christmas} (1996)

{One of my personal favourite films!}

Brilliantly entertaining and quirky story of a young New York couple, David [who is dubbed Aqua Man lookalike] and Kathy(Futterman & Susan Floyd), who decide to have a month long seperation and meet up again on Christmas to decide their future fate. An interesting thing about this film is that they credit every single one of the extras at the end ~ it's cool; I've never seen anyone else do that before.

Click here to read a full review of the film


Everyone knows this story...Futterman plays the son Val


One of the best modern comedies! Very fun!

Hilarious, odd, wonderful British comedy about two con men that meet up with a temp and get ensnarled in fantastic predicaments. Futterman stars as the smooth talking charmer Dylan. An utterly SUPERB film in every respect!

Go here to download the trailer for Shooting Fish


TNT original production about the friendship and trials that ensue between a would-be-lawyer-turned-teacher (Futterman) and an art student. (Be prepared to cry)

1999 (1998)

A look at lives on the eve of 2000 ~ Futterman plays Rufus, involved in a love triangle with two women. I haven't seen this one yet :(

Click here to read a full review


WWII film centering on the battle of Hurtgen Forest; Autumn 1944, our man plays fresh faced soldier, Doug Desbin.

Click on photo to see full sized poster.

Click here to read a review ~ warning this will spoil the film if you haven't watched it yet

URBANIA (used to be Urban Folk Tales) (1999)

This film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival; Futterman's plays Charlie ~ to read a review go here


The Fisher King

Brief appearence as one of the thugs.

Passed Away

Eccentric relatives gather for their patriarch's funeral. Futterman plays Tom


If anyone knows ahead of time when any of these episodes are going to air please let me know so I can post it up for everyone!

Tracey Takes On

(one episode)

If anyone knows which episode please tell me :)

Homicide: Life Of the Streets

(one episode)

Case of Do or Die (episode 114). Originally aired 2/12/99.

Caroline In the City

(one episode)

Futterman plays Seth, the very adorable,sweet, and lovable piano player, who's infatuated with Annie and loves doing impersonations. Originally aired on 11/17/97.

Sex and the City

(one episode)

Episode #2.11 titled "Evolution" first aired on 8/15/1999

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with this information!

Judging Amy

First episode aired Sept. 19,99 ~ still airing Tues. CBS 9pm/10pm (check local listings)

This new drama series revolves around a single mother (recently divorced) who leaves New York City behind to become a judge in Hartford, Connecticut. Judge Amy Gray moves in with her dominating mother and quirky, interesting, free-spirited brother (Dan Futterman ~ can you tell who my favourite is? :]) and tries to make a new life in a new job in a new place - her mother's place...


Angels In America

Go here to read a short review

A Fair Country

Special HUGE thanks to Jen and Justine for kindly providing me with additional information!

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