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CRAFTY DELIGHTS offers an array of unique crafts, including distinctive wall hanging wood plaques, framed artisan quilts, T-shirts, emblems, and useful novelty items. Wall Hanging Wood Plaques are the most recent addition to our extensive product line. The Wood Plaques are handmade and exquisitely crafted from solid wood. They are cut with sculptured edges and have an 9x12 flat surface and are designed to hold a 5x5 picture.

The wood is first sanded, treated with two coats of sealer. Three coats of paint carefully done. Three coats of varnish is then applied. Different designs and images are then placed on the wall hanging plaques. Two coats of a matted finish is also applied onto the plaques to produce a exceptional distinctive quality wall hanging plaque. Wall hooks are positioned on the back for mounting purposes.

Technical capabilities allow YOU to personalize a wood plaque with your own picture. Simply send us your picture, or you may choose a framed picture display on our web site to create a beautiful wall hanging plaque.

PLEASE NOTE: Wall Hanging Wood Plaques have replaced all picture frames formerly used on the CRAFTY DELIGHTS website.

ARTWORK FOR T-SHIRTS, EMBLEMS and SEASHELLS(all original designs by CRAFTY DELIGHTS)make thoughtful gift-giving items. Our Seashell Tea Bag Holders are great for weddings, parties, restaurant, and office use.

OUR EXCEPTIONAL WALL HANGING QUILTS are handmade by Amish artisans and a talented artist who utilizes reproductions of specialized fabrics for her unique quilts. The quilts are carefully pieced together and then meticulously sewed. CRAFTY DELIGHTS then enhances the background behind the quilt and it is placed in a wall hanging frame to provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. These poplular quilts are painstakingly designed, crafted and framed, and are truly a work of art.

Prices for a natural matted look plaque are $22.95. Shipping and Handling $7.50.

Inspirational Plaques(Friends)& More Remembrance Plaques.
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Health conscious folks will love the no smoking Plaque. Select your own choice of words. Kitten Pictures
Home Decor Native American Pictures
View our very popular Praying Hands Plaque
View our handmade quilts
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