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My custom products and emblem represents the tragedy on Sept 11, 2001. Stamp out terrorism and pray for  world peace.   

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Golden Retriever Mouse Pad Golden Retriever Mugs

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Golden Retriever Freedom & Liberty T-Shirts

Proud to be American Wood Plaques $22.95
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United We Stand Golden Retriever Dog Plaque

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Pray for World Peace. Victims and Families Emblem

T-shirts $10.00    Emblem $6.50

Mouse Pads $12.00

Shipping and Handling

T-Shirts - $4.00
Emblems- $1.00
Mouse Pads - $4.50


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Praying Hands Plaque Dove Frame
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Risen Christ Virgin Mary

Shipping and Handling $7.50

Wholesale Prices Available

Orders Can Be E-Mailed to mail.gif (13079 bytes)

Copyright 2001 Crafty Delights. All rights reserved.

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