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Environmental Awareness Emblems

Custom-made emblems to represent Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are available. One design has a Mask and the other has a Ribbon. These emblems signify our environment and the pollutants we breathe in our daily lives. Gas, smoke, perfumes, and other odors in our society are making the chemically-sensitive physically sick. The water we drink, the food we eat, and sick building syndrome are concerns in our environment. My custom designed emblems bring Environmental Awareness to these issues. The Emblems have a heat-sealed backing which can be either ironed or sewed on. Choose your own logo and words with the earth emblem.

Some of the proceeds will go to MCS research.

These emblems can be put on T-shirts, hats, tote bags or anything you desire.

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Emblems are embroidered with Gold Rim

The Emblems are 4x4 inches

Emblems $6.50 shipping and handling $1.00

Orders Can Be E-mailed to mail.gif (13079 bytes)

To learn more about MCS click here:

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