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The details of these handmade quilts are an extraordinary piece of art made by the Amish people. Some of the other handmade quilts are made from talented people who are experts in quilting. Each quilt has to be placed together to form a specific design. The quilts are placed into a frame with a background of fabric and lace to enhance the beauty of these handmade specialties. Shipping and Handling cost $9.75 

Victorian Print framed with floral background, lace and doily. 
Ribbons on each sides of doilies for a great finished look. 12 inches 
Mint green, rose, purple, and black floral triangle quilt. 
Full of pansies, colorful with light blue background and lace. 
Rose, beige and black triangle floral quilt. 
This is a georgeous hanging quilt 14 inches. 
Dark green, black, and rose quilt. 
A green floral background with lace around the edges. 
A beautiful mint green, peach and rose quilt. 
Light rose color background with lace for an attractive look. 
Navy blue and rose/pink quilt. 
The center is a floral rose with a background of rose and lace. 
Center piece quilt has a teal/blue/black floral border and the points are dark red and same border fabric, background dark rose with lace. 
The frame is stained wood with a open look. 

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