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Patmos Sakla (The Harbor)
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     Sakla (warf) is the traditional harbor of Patmos. Facing east, with high hilltops on either side and a calm bay, boats for century have been harboring here. Not much archeological evidence had been discovered here. The main settlements on the island have generally been located atop the hill around the Hora (capital). This is likely where the ancient Acropolis once stood.
   During the time of St. John there was most likely very little in the harbor. Local fishing boats and a few buildings to help repair the boats. During the time of the Monastery of St. John (I.e. during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods when the island fell victim to pirates) there were a few vaulted where houses but the population stayed in the protection of the fortified town. It was not until the Brothers and Monks reluctantly opened their doors to pilgrims and the daily boats from Samos and Kos started sailing into the harbor did the town begin to grow and flourish. It is now quite a pleasant GREEK village with good connections to major islands and Perias. The monks keep any big tourist packages away (Thankfully) so it is quite a peaceful place to stay when on the island. Peaceful, quiet, relaxing and a great view of the Hora.

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Western Beach


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All photos by John L. Polos
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