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Cave of St. John
Spilea Ag. Giannies
Cave of Saint John InfoPatmos Photos
     Saint John's vision came to him on a Sunday after saying mass and preaching the Gospel. Saint John, to escape the heat of the day, remained in the cave where he said mass. It was here that one day the Lord came to Saint John in a vision. When Saint John awoke, he dictated his revelation to his scribe.
      Pictures where not allowed in the cave. The cave is fairly small with a shrine built atop of it. There is a feeling of peace, tranquility and divine power. I wonder if under this point is one of the nodes that are said to lay under The Pyramids, Mecca, The Temple Mount and just about every other high holy or sacred place on the planet. The cave is one of the High Holy places for the Eastern Aegean islands and pilgrims from all around come to see it.
   The cave of Saint John is housed by the Monastery of the Apocalypse which is the building pictured in most of the pictures.

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Cave of Saint John

Looking Down

Looking at the Harbor


Top of a Chapel

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All photos by John L. Polos
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