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Monastery of Saint John Photo Collection
Ag. Giannies Monastery: 
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     The monastery of Saint John was built in 1088 by a group of soldier-clerics known as the Blessed Khristodhoulos. They went to the Byzantine Emperor, Alexios Komnenos, and asked to be titled the island of Patmos to build a monastery for Saint John the Divine/Theologian , as well as for Mary (whom was the name of the Emperor's mother.) Within three years the essentials structures of the monastery were built (mainly by slaves from Crete). Because of a threat of Piracy, the outside of the monastery resembles, well actually is, a fortress. It is a fortress that has never been breached. To further confuse pirates, the inside is a maze of courtyards and passages. Lastly, the town that grew up around the Monastery, for protection, is in a labyrinth layout. In a lot of ways it is resembles one of the the Cyclade islands such as Paros and Mykonos but in examining the styles the buildings are more Italian and stick out more from the surrounding rocks.

Parts one, two, and three are of the monastery its self. Parts fourand five are of the Hora. The town that grew up around the monastery. The town is considered the capital of the island and thus bares the name Hora (Chora). I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .

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Saint John


St. John & St. Ioannis

A Monastery or Fort?

Hora and Monastery

St. John and the drowning Man

Inside of Monastery More inside the Monastery The Hora
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All photos by John L. Polos
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