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Kristina was born on April 18, 1982, in Bethesda, Maryland. Her father was in the Naval Reserve and she grew up in seven apartments and five houses in three states. She moved with her family to California and Texas. At age 12, Kristina and family returned to Bethesda.

When she was younger, she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She used to hold class with her stuffed animals as the students.

She started her career at age 13 as a reporter for the local UPN station in Bethesda for a show entitled The School is Cool Report. Besides modeling, she had a small role in a re-enactment for America's Most Wanted.

She is a big fan of Vincent Van Gogh and his artwork.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, where ATWT is taped, and just received her first Daytime Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Younger Leading Actress.

Kristina won the Miss Teen Maryland contest, but gave up her chance to win Miss Teen USA when she landed her role on As The World Turns. Read about her thoughts while watching the Miss Teen USA page here. She was the "Hot Shot" in the October 10 issue of Soap Opera digest where she is shown with her guitar, which she says is relaxing for her.

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