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March 4 2001 - The Screenplay - has returned from the manifacture with a new hard-drive. It is now a dream to work with - all of the problems below were a result of a faulty drive. Although the machine did crash causing the loss of 5 weeks work - I can forgive it. The inserting video over an existing track will take you some effort. I found the simplest way is to load the primary clips two times -once- with both A/V and the (second time) Audio only - the video you are inserting load VIDEO ONLY. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EDIT THE AUDIO AND VIDEO CLIPS TO MATCH. FLUIDLY . the problem was a loss of audio video sync when you came out of the area with the inserted video. src=/images/lines/wh_bar.gif>

The screenplay is one of the newer editing systems at CAT. This system is simplistic, and limited in functions. The computer itself does not have enough hard drive space for really efficent use.

pictures, and screen shots will be included here and refrences to the factory manual.

This page will be completely reworked - for the present you will be reading notes and observations - i useally tone things down on the rewrite.

January 13 2001 - the cable station has the upgrade for the screenplay - and the titles are much easier to build and position. I have been entering clips from all of my football games from the season. There are now about 300 3-5 of seconds each in my file.
When first turning the machine on it takes about 4 minutes to open the file and then another 5 minutes to open the 'time-line'-
The new upgrade controls the play deck, this is a positive addition over using the controls on the deck itself, or using the remote.
The record to the screen play function allows you to load the clip easily. When you go to the timeline and 'details' you can set the exact inpoint and outpoint triming the clip as needed.
From the TRANSITIONS menu you can choose from a good selection of faded, dissolves and wipes - further with the new upgrade you have some unuseual DVE's these can be found in the 'SPICES' folder. Placing these on the timeline is exactly like placing a clip - you simply drag it to the timeline and release your mouse button.
For some reason the audio needs to be sent to the screen play using the RCA - audio cables - the DV cable and DV input of the audio causes distortion.
The titles are easier now with the upgrade - and you can scroll credits now. The placement of the title on the screen is simple. you must use the DETAILS screen to move the title. We are still waiting for the new font disk to arrive, and have decided to buy the disk rather than copy fonts to the root directory of a new CD (as per instructions lower on this page)

I am going slowly on this project entering hundreds of clips and building a nice hi-lite tape for all of the High School football players.
I am going to have to remove some bad audio and replace it with band music and crowd sounds, also there are a number of titles that will be added

The screen play is becoming easier and seems to be a good beginning alternative to the FAST and the ADOBE NLE systems. This is not a hurry up system but so far the project looks good and the audio has improved.

The drawback still remains the small hard-drive. If the system is to be useable for a number of producers a much larger hard-drive needs to be added. src=/images/lines/wh_bar.gif>

Wed 20 Dec 2000 3 days of trying to get the titler to behave and make some decient titles. Everything that could go wrong did. Because the time line (story board ) is unexpandable you cannot position the titles and make them show up when you need them to. Also you cannot really position them - yes you can move them some what but not enough to place them exactly where you want them on the screen. After I finally gave in and made a set of titles and mastered the out put. when I went to play them one of the titles was so jerky I couldnt use the set.
could I go in and just fix it - nope - I was finally able to delete the title but when I tried to insert a new one it did not position itself in the time line where I needed it.
so I had to delete all the titles and remake them to get a copyable set of screens.
The font set which is on the computer is really limited - No roman - for example - and three different variations of ariel. Yes you can color shade and outline them but its not enough.
Have to say by the end of the third day I had lost my religon and was tearing my hair and swearing.
We supposed to be getting an upgrade - it sure as he-- needs one.
This so far is all round worst titleing system I have ever used.

I am shuddering, waiting for the time that I try to insert edit - Im talking about having a talking head and inserting clips to cover him -illustrating different points- with all the problems - will I be able to keep the voice in sync? ============================================================================
Friday Dec 8,
a week has past and I have worked on the screenplay creating a hi-lite tape of the footbal games. I have entered clips from 5 foot ball games - on friday I switched for 60 frames a second to 30 frames as second to see if the audio quality would improve and if the clips themself would not glitch durring the recording.
the glitch I am taliing about is a lavender screen and a black screen breaking up the recording of the clip. I have been forced to place two of the same clip in the story board and set the out point where the glitch starts on one clip and where it ends as the inpoint of the second clip and hope the total sceene looks good. for the most part its awful.
I switched from 60 to 30 fields a second to improve the quality of the audio - it did - but - the video suffers by being to jittery / filmlike.
the audio did improve
but the video suffered
The clips menu - is a small window which stores the clips in the order you put them into the computer. You must scroll down the menu to find any specific clip, and this process requires the computer to stop and load the clip for viewing.
The story board is

Monday Dec 4, 2000 - this is a log preceding the actual instructional manual Today was the first day of actual use of the ScreenPlay.
(insert thumbnail of screen - click to enlarge) This screen is a very simple layout.
(thumbnails will accompany this list)
1. Clip menu with a selection of loaded clips.
2. transitions menu - showing transitions.
3. effects.
4. titles - title making screen -.
5. titles - submenus.
6. storyboard .
7. capture .
8. details .
9. setup menu..

A. The process starts with your making a folder in the Clips menu, with the name of your project. you will keep all the clips you capture in this folder(show thumbnail)---
B. You will begin the capture by clicking on the red button (thumbnail), this will bring up the capture menu. (thumbnail)
C. Capture is done by starting your source deck and letting it run - you click the record button on the capture menu (thumbnail) to begin capture and the stop button where you want it to end (thumbnail)
D. You have now captured a clip, the next step is to lable or title it. The clips menu can only hold 7 characters so you will need to keep it simple. Developing your index system will be appropriate here.
E. You should be duplicating your index from ScreenPlay on your Edit Sheet. This will help you when you begin the placement of the clips into your story board.
F. You will go thruough all of your footage capturing clips and labeling them untill you are finished
H. Building your Storyboard or video/movie is the next step. You begin by making a new storyboard (thumbnail). You click and lable the storyboard. I. Following your edit sheet you will place all of your clips on the timeline of your story board.
J. Now you can play the storyboard and note which clips you need to trim
K. Trimming the clips is done by setting new in and out points on the detail menu. (Thumbnail)
TO BE CONTINUED------------------


I start with the Screenplay site, this will be my reference source for the system at CAT, Community Access Television - Fayetteville AR.
CAT, has now a new ScreenPlay NLE system for the use of the producers. At the present moment no one really knows how to use this system, although a few individuals have played with it.

first observations

1. The system seems almost over simplified. the system may become intuitive with use - ill tell you later.
2. The font selection is small with only a few selections
3. I do not see an easy way to add additional fonts
4. I have not found how to enter the start menu, or root directorys and get out of the program skin.
5. I am downloading the ScreenPlay Sequal User Manual and the User Manual Addendum for Release 1.5 These manuals are in the Adobe PDF format.
6. at this point I have reviewed the manuals - they seem to supply some good information - I will be working with the machine on monday - update later -
7. This address is for The ScreenPlay Forum I am now accessing the resources it offers.
8. A representative of Screenplay said to buy a font disk and simply install it - lol - well i went to a computer supply house and bought one - update later
(Well this is the update - the info below shows you what you have to do to get the fonts installed - but unfortunatedly the font disk i bought at office mart was so bad a quality I decided to not use it. and download fonts directly from the internet. then having done that - the Cable Administrator decided to buy the one offically made for screenplay - so I won't be able to tell you if the instructions below worked or not. - but I will have to review the new disk for you when it comes in ( oh yes - the PEG is a gov program, so the time line on that review will take a while - with all their red tape)

9. There is simply not enough hardrive space to create a high quality program


my response from ScreenPlay
----- Original Message -----
From: Michael Lietz
To: 'Bill Ames'
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 10:52 AM
Subject: RE: basic questions

Hi Bill,
The answers to your questions are in the text below.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Ames []
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 3:49 PM
Subject: basic questions

<< File: ATT00005.htm >> ScreenPlay
I have been asked to learn the screenplay and teach it to the volunteers at our Community Access Station.

First question - how do i by pass the skin and access the directory.
ANSWER: Not possible, ScreenPlay only speaks Composite, S-Video and DV 1394-1995 Firewire for motion Video. For Stills, you can burn a CD or use a PCMCIA flash memory card.

2nd. - how do i install new fonts.
ANSWER: Burn a ISO 9660 CD.... put the .TTF's in the root (you can also use the PCMCIA slot if you have the SP with DV).

attmpting to locate information on loading fonts I found this info is from the forum page.

**note this is a cut and paste from the page** click here to see the actual page This site is hosted for FREE on VirtualAve -- yours can be, too!Click here for more information.
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Author Topic: Adding additional fonts to SP
ScreenPlay Fan
Posts: 17
Registered: Aug 2000
posted 08-27- 08:14 AM

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if any of you could offer some instruction on adding new fonts to SP. I bought 2 True type font cd's but when I tried to load the first disc, nothing comes up.. Any help on this would be GREAT! Right now I'm only running a version 1.4 as the company I got my SP from didn't send the upgrade as they were supposed to so I don't know if that makes a difference.

Thanks and any help will be highly appreciated! :-)

ScreenPlay Fan
Posts: 10
Registered: Jul 2000
posted 08-27- 09:18 AM


Hi Zeeb,
ScreenPlay at this time will only load (install) fonts that are located in the root directory of the CD. One way of loading your fonts, if you have a CD burner, is to copy the fonts to the root directory of a blank CDR and install from that instead. Other ways of doing it are putting it on the root directory of a Zip disk, Jaz disk, or Orb disk, if you have any of those.

1.5 is much improved over 1.4, so try to get it ASAP. If you don't get your upgrade from your dealer, contact Applied Magic, send your registration card and ask for an upgrade.

- Art

Ultimate ScreenPlay Fan
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posted 08-27- 12:45 PM

You might also wish to visit my company web site and order Rapid Fonts for ScreenPlay. This CD contains over 160 fonts - including 20 clipart fonts of pictures and logos. It's the ultimate font collection for ScreenPlay owners and it's currently on sale for only $19.95 plus shipping!

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10. now to act monday on this information - all the information I have is if i put a cd in the screen play - just maybe something will happen - utdate later