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Art Exchange

By your purchase you are contributing the growth of Bulgarian culture!  

How can you bye/sell art works in Art Exchange? Very easy. If you want to publish your art work for sell, click the button , and if you want to bye one, first select the part hotlink, that forwards you to Art Exchange offers in the respective area. In order to make your choice click the button and then fill the blank fields in the form. Press the button and your order will be sent to us through Internet. You may make the payment by selected way 7 days after you sent the order. During this term the art work selected by you is preserved. After your payment confirmation from bank your purchase will be send to your address by selected way. So Art Exchange is the pleasure - for you and for us.

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Peter Lazarov's Graphics


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Books of other editorials

LD 0101


1 Lv.

Tatiana Iotova, "Gifts for kids unruly" (poem), "DOGO Ltd.", 2000.

The owner of this book along with the poem 'Gifts...' will receive valuable musical scores of 'Gnome song' and 'I can't live without mischief' (Plamen's song)(and my too); she will find out why she haven't lie that 'in Wednesday Grandma Kina, Grandma Iana went to bath' and why 'those putting oil croissant in our notebooks is really miserable...'

LD 0201


6 Lv.

Mariana Vezneva, 'Beyond the curtain of time', fourth book in series 'The sicret school', 'Revelation', Sofia, 1999. Art design - Mariana Vezneva.

In this book first time in the world is disclosed the principle of sacred language of enlightens - the universal allegory-symbolic language SENZAR. The epistles to the human race are spelled out; in the mythology and sacred writings, that refer to first creature and to the feature of civilization. Through psychometric research, realized by the author (she's architect, phenomenon and researcher) is passed a new light over the famous culture monuments: Festos Disk, Rock relief 'Madara's horseman', solar sanctuary in Stranja Sakar.

LD 0301


4.80 Lv.

Bogdan Bogdanov, 'Myth and literature 1', second append edition, 'Hemus' Publ. house, 1999.

Thoroughly wide research with highly-contributional character disclosing the entity of old Greek literature and its link with mythology in the context of specific environment of antiquity. With solid scientific tools, the work of outstanding Bulgarian cultural scientist Prof. Dr. Bogdan Bogdanov is intended to literature instructors and students, which are interested by this rich in models and images civilization.

LD 0401


2.80 Lv.

Kalin Donkov, 'Nerves and consolation', publicist, 'Hemus' Publishing, 1999.

This is the third subsequential (after 'Private case' and 'Early memorials') book from publicity series of outstanding Bulgarian writer Kalin Donkov. In this book breathes the dramatism of last ten years of 20th century.

LD 0501


2 Lv.

Keva Apostolova, ''Free plays", 'Teatro', Sofia, 2000

Keva Apostolova is the author of plays 'Luggage', 'Silent', "Another 100 years", "Die calmness" and more.


Art Painting





35 Lv.

Peter Lazarov,




90 х 120 mm

Bulgarian artist Peter Lazarov has lived in Holland for last decade (he graduated Graphics in Veliko Turnovo University in Ph.D.. Ivan Marinov) and gives his active contribution to creating traditional art and its direction to freedom of forms. The theme variety as well as some retrospection of pictures in Crida Art gallery exhibition are condition for deep impact in stylistic in different terms of his progress. The Peter Lazarov's ambivalence is explicating as a reminiscent sign of arrhythmia in contemporary reality, in its nonsense pulsation. Cyril Popov



40 Lv.


Peter Lazarov




90 х 120 mm

I should name this graphical action peconging (painting in action) because the most concrete motive in the graphic had lost its visual equivalent and was dissolved in the element of habits and images.



Art Painting





Rousy Rousev, artist

  • "Gurko Street"
  • 55х46
  • 300 $

  • "Self-portrait"
  • 65 х 35 х 25
  • 300 $

  • "Sunflowers"
  • 55 х 46
  • 250 $

  • "Idol"
  • 70 х 45 х 30
  • 350 $

Rousy Rousev was born on 1.05.1946 in Opaka, Razgrad region. In 1997 he graduated from Veliko Turnovo University 'St. St. Cyrilus and Methodius'

Now he lives and works in Veliko Turnovo.

His artworks are property of art galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, USA, Russia, Spain etc..





Marko Dupalov, artist

  • "Rest"
  • 60х65
  • 400 $

  • "Morning"
  • 90 х 65
  • 400 $

  • "Thorn chaplet"
  • 85 х 65
  • 400 $

  • "Star girl"
  • 65 х 65
  • 400 $

Marko Dupalov was born on 31.5.1955 in Veliko Turnovo. He is a member of Representation of artists in VelikoTurnovo and he take an active participation i art live of this group. He has 4 author exhibitions in Sofia, a picture in Minister's Council and in Rumanian Embassy. He also won Golden medal of EWEII Sofia 1999. Works and creates in V. Turnovo






Todor Evtimov, artist

  • "Landscape of Vodolei"
  • 55х46
  • 300 $

  • "Spring in Vodolei"
  • 55х46
  • 300 $

  • "Winter Vodolei"
  • 55х46
  • 300 $

  • "Ice Vodolei"
  • 40х50
  • 300 $

Todor Evtimov was born in 1939 in village of Vodolei, VelikoTurnovo Region. He worked as teacher on painting art in elementary school. He had organized self exhibitions in Veliko Turnovo and Budapest.



Panaiot Dimitrov, sculptor

Series Little plastic








  • Ebony (African wood) (silver crest)
  • 38 х 8 х 6 cm
  • 220$



  • Ebony , marble
  • 38 х 8 х 6 cm
  • 220$



  • Red mahogany
  • 28 х 11 х 8 cm
  • 230$



Panaiot Petrov Panaiot Petrov Dimitrov, statuary art (sculpture), membership of club "INTELECT-2000" Born in Sliven - 1934. Graduated Art Academy, Sofia - 1958. Former lecturer in sculpture at Veliko Turnovo University. At present he works with stone and wood. Author of various memorials and monumental works. Exhibitions and seminars all over the country and abroad. He has received 6 national awards and was dedicated with order : "St. St. Cyril and Methodius"- Іst degree . Member of the Roman Academy of Modern Art. Copy of antic Aphrodite (Venus).


  • Andesite
  • 15 х 10 х 5 cm
  • 250 $

  • Abora (African wood)
  • 18 х 11 х 8 cm
  • 220$

  • EBB
  • Epoxy and river stones
  • 20 х 12 х 9 cm
  • 300 $




Author Presentations


Christo Panev,


Born in 1942 in village of Crepost, Haskovo region. Higher education, VTU, specialty of Graphics. Lives and creates in Turnovo. Member of SBH


Panaiot Dimitrov - Ponkata, sculptor

Born in 1935 in Sliven, Bulgaria. Education - higher, National art academy - Sofia, specialty 'Sculpture'. He lives and creates in Turnovo. Member of Roma Academy of Modern Art, Italy




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