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The hot issue

May '2000

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"Breve" magazine's 58th Issue

Art forum cames up to 1 year

Plamenna Nenova - 20 years on the Stage

Momchil Kanazirev completed 50 years

You can find the culture newspaper Art forum at the following places: 
Veliko Turnovo




In the end of 1999 came out the French magazine for contemporary novelistic "Breve", ╣ 58. 19 Bulgarian short story writers from 90-Es are represented in it: Alexei Hristov (Sofia), Ivan Andonov (Haskovo), Stepan Poliakov (Sofia), Ivo Hristov (Sofia), Danka Dobrovolska (Shumen), Vladimir Shumelov (V. Turnovo), Iordan Atanasov (St. Zagora), Snegana Ivanova (V. Turnovo), Alek Popov (Sofia), Petar Spasov (Sofia), Dimitar Stoianov Nov (Sofia), Georgi Gospodinov (Sofia), Virginia Zaharieva (Sofia), Boris Minkov (Sofia), Ivan Suhivanov (Burgas), Stancho Penchev (Shumen), Sava Vasilev (V. Turnovo). Top

The culture newspaper Art forum celebrated by a style hard party its first anniversary on December, 11th, 1999 in Konstantin Kisimov Theater's Art cafe. The program was guided by Jambol artist-photographer Alexander Borissov and his wife - the poetess Tonia Borisova. The rich concert program that was performed included musical and dance greetings of the Napredak-1869 Community Centre's creative team, singer and actress Plamenna Nenova, as well as greetings from many country towns, where the newspaper is distributed. The Art forum's manager Valentina Pancheva delivered plackets and awards for quality publications in the newspaper to: Vladimir Shumelov, Bisera Djivoderova, Yanislav Yankov, Panaiot Dimitrov - Ponkata, Zdravko Kisiov, Ph. Dr. Radoslav Radev, Nadia Koseva, Borislav Gurdev, Dian Vasilev. The Theaterer's director Sava Dimitrov received a canvas (oil) as a party's host. Some municipality and regional culturetregers also take a part in the occasion. Top

╠omchil Kanazirev was born on August, 3rd 1949 in Vidin in the family of former manufacturer and actress. He completed his education in Montana and then he spent two years in Building forces Ensemble. There he had played the violin, sang and played in catches. He didn't succeed to became a student of Bulgarian public conservatory and appreciated at competition with creating of public operetta in Turnovo's Theater. He is one of its founders. He had played over 80 roles, as well as more than 60 roles in classical operas, operettas, wodeviles, musicals and ... dramas. Top

Plamenna Nenova has been a soloist in Konstantin Kisimov Theater in Turnovo since 1980. She took a part in musical festivals in Greece, Romania, Yugoslavia. She is a guest of the Town song festival "Golden chestnut" in Petrich since its first issue. She is also winner in competition for new town song. Hobby: town hit. She has issued 4 audiocassettes and 2 videocassettes. The face of Pretty woman and Rousenka newspapers. Owner of Nova Impresario House. President of the jury of National festival for Balkan folklore "Ludogorie-98". Student in New Bulgarian University - Opera and Operetta Directing specialty. The newspaper Art forum and all culture community in Veliko Turnovo wish her more long creative beneficial years on the Stage! Top

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