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Eulaine's Corn Shuck Dolls

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Corn Shuck Doll Making

       Corn shuckery has long been a cabin craft used by the early pioneers. This craft can be traced back even further as it was used by Native Americans. They grew the corn for food, but also used the corn stalk, leaves, and shucks for many crafts, from brooms to baskets. Eulaine Blumenthal continues this Ozark Pioneer tradition by making the corn shuck dolls in the traditional old time way. Some of the shucks are dyed to give them a more decorative look. Another traditional corn shuck craft is the corn shuck wreath. The wreaths are made of corn shucks and can be decorated with many natural herbs and flowers. Some cultures believe that it is bad luck to paint a face on a shuck doll, (so only the eyes are used).
      Eulaine offers corn shuck doll and corn shuck wreath workshops and demonstrations at festivals, theme parks, and in the school classrooms.

For information on availability and fee, please contact:

Hank & Eulaine Blumenthal
16830 105th Ave. S.E.
Renton, Wa. 98055-5445
Phone: (425) 687 - 6356