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Broom Making, Corn Shuck Dolls and Traditional Ozark Music Concerts

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      Many of the old time pioneer skills that were necessary for the survival of families are slowly being lost and forgotten about in many areas. Hank and Eulaine Blumenthal continue to demonstrate two of these cabin crafts at festivals, theme parks, and in the school classrooms.
      Broom making was one of the crafts that was used within each family group. One of the most durable and long lasting material used was broom corn. Many times the broom corn was grown in the family garden in small amounts, or in larger amounts as a major cash crop. The handles could have been wood that had been turned on an old-time foot lathe, hand forged metal handles, or many times the rough, natural wood that was readily available. Sassafras is one of the most popular woods for broom handles.
      Our Broom making demonstrations and workshops are easily brought to the school classroom. Some of the ten traditional brooms are actually crafted during the demonstration. The history of broom making and the materials used are also explained. This is a historically accurate and interesting account of broom making. In the workshop there is an opportunity for a hands-on construction of a broom by the students.
      Many times Hank and Eulaine Blumenthal will present a Broom making and Corn Shuck Doll making demonstration, workshop and in addition present an old time traditional Ozark Music concert. They are joined by their grandson Kevin Lowe, who also plays music with them.
      For more information about our availability, schedule, and fee for demonstrations, workshops and concerts,
please contact us at:

Hank & Eulaine Blumenthal
16830 105th Ave. S.E.
Renton, Wa. 98055-5445
Phone: (425) 687 - 6356