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This is where you will find some of our favorite links as well as links to projects that club members have created. Club members are encouraged to give a links that they would like to see on this page as well as pages that they have worked on.

Club Members Projects

Things you would never hear in Evangelion

Things you would never hear in Gundam W

Things you would never hear in Love Hina

Things you would never hear in Ranma 1/2

This is all Ranma's Fault!

Fan fic Blues


What if...?

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Favorite Links

Computer Goodies
Anime - You can find some very nice wallpaper here

Fanfics & Manga - A site that archives fanfiction.

Anime Turnpike

Anime Castle - Cool place to buy anime online!

Buy Rite - The number one place to buy Video Games on the web.

Sothern California Anime Shopping Guide - A list of places to buy J-pop related things.


Japanese-English Dictionary - 'nuff said.

All your base - A friend showed me this link.  It's a remix from an old Genisis game

Polykarbon - It's a site that helps you draw manga.

House of the Lingering Soul - Jeff's website. Currently has info about Beatmania, and several guitar and bass tablatures that he has yet to upload.

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