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Mae Capalla - Head Editor
Jeff Canaber
Pedro Rodriguez
George Kuipers
Selvin Wright
Cameron Sampson

Note from the editor:  Even though I've been the one who has been keeping this site going for the past year, this major overhaul couldn't have been done without the help and talent of George Kuipers. As you may have noticed from the way our previous site looked, I hardly know anything about HTML. Also a big thank you to Selvin Wright and Cameron Sampson who without them I couldn't have gotten this site up in the first place.

As you might've noticed we've used a lot of pictures for backgrounds.  Some of the pictures we've recently got from other sites and we still remember the names.  Others are from our hard drive and um... anyways listed below are the names of the sites we remember.  To everyone else Gomen Nasai (^^);

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