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About West Hills Japanese Animation Club

:: Archives ::

:: Club Objectives ::
Our club has two objectives. Bring together those who are interested in the J-Pop industry (anime, manga, video games) to promote it in our school, and to help those who are interested in going into the gaming industry.

Some of the things we've done...
-Club Screenings
-School Film Festivals
-Video game tournaments
-Web Hosting
-Anime Expo

Some of the things we hope to do...
-Game Developers Confrence
-Teachers Video Game tournament
-X town Video Game Tournament
-Local Public Screenings
-Video Game Programming

:: Club Constitution ::

:: Club roster ::

* - Founding Member

Marc Flores - President
Jon Whitendale - Vice President
*Ryan Escobar - Secretary
Michael Flores - Treasurer
Jeffrey Canaber - ICC Rep
*Cameron Sampson - Librarian
*Pedro Rodriguez - Founder
*Selvin Wright
Daniel Castillo
Steve Gattuso
Lenni Lara
Faith McGinnis
Joe Lao
Anthony Ling
Daniel Tanthum

:: Officer's Reasponsibilites and Paperwork ::

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