Important things to know that might let you know if these fics will be your cup of tea...

Favorite Characters- in order

I Despise

Favorite Pairings- roughly in order

I disregard the fact that "Endless Waltz" ever existed in my fics, and there are quite a few supernatural things in about half these fics.
Also, don't expect fics from 2001 to be anything like ones from '02 or '03, since a lot of the fics done in '01 were before I even saw the show... lol

On with the ficage!


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Fics with a * next to them are ones I'm actually proud/fond of.
Fics with a X next to them are ones that are either on hiatus or discontinued.

NOTE: For some reason, awhile ago Angelfire dumped everything I edited one day, which includes half the updates on my fic pages, which is why so many are missing from here. I'll try to come back and fix it at some point. Until then, some are still up on my Media Miner account.