Warnings: This-- like 99.9% of my fics --is a shounen ai fanfic. As in boy luv. With a possible lemon in the future. If you have zero tolerance for that, then am-scray. And it's a Wufei-centric fic, for anybody that for some reason despises that character.
And now that that's out of the way, for the rest of you... This is an AU fic. It's set in the future, yeah, with space travel and all that jazz. But the GW storyline has been tossed carelessly out the window. I'm just playing w/ the characters. Usually I'm not one for AU fics, but this idea seized me and wouldn't leave me alone ><; This fic also contains foul language, violence, and other such things. Oh, and possibly character bashing. (in other words, I hope you're not a big Relena or Treize fan, cuz I'm sure as hell not)

Chapter 52: "Tough Love"

The following days seemed endless to Wufei, and full of frustration.

There were his lessons every day; his hours spent observing how the Council handled business; private meetings with his Guardians as they told him what they had learned throughout the day; Zhao continued to be a thorn in his side; his grandfather refused to get better, and was rarely conscious; and Wufei was so exhausted by the end of each day, he and Heero had no time or energy for sex. Worst of all, somehow Treize had convinced the Council to let him stay until the New Year. Heero took to wearing the stick, ruyi, around his neck once more, as he had as a boy.

Some good came out of the three weeks of waiting, however. Slowly Wufei came to understand the way the people of Yeong thought. Shen would take him on walks through the palace or the colony streets and they would talk in great length about anything from Wufei's parents to political views. They grew close, and Wufei remembered that as a child he'd seen his father's old friend as a sort of uncle. It was nice to have at least one friendly face on the Council. Junbao seemed to be on his side, as well, but he rarely spoke up during meetings unless he had something important to say.

Wufei avoided Treize like the plague, visited his grandfather whenever he got the chance, stole quick kisses from Heero when they had a few moments alone, and grew to know his people.

Unfortunately, things with Relena didn't get better. She kept away from him whenever possible, and rarely spoke to him. She was a bit less frosty, but as distant as ever, still stung by the incident in the dragon's room.

Wufei grew grateful for Hilde's presence. She was there when he wanted to rant, she poked and prodded and hollered at him when he was being pig-headed, and she teased grins out of him whenever she could. It was nice to have his best friend back; with Duo constantly busy outside the palace gates, it gave her and Wufei more time to hang out in the time between lessons and meetings. She made a handy lookout when Wufei wanted to drag Heero into a dark corner for a few moments, too.

Then Wufei's hard work with the Council was almost ruined. He had come to Yeong right at the end of the fourth year of service for many men and women on the Council, and they stepped down as others were elected to take their places. Wufei found himself with seven new faces, all of them under fifty. Their youth might make them easier to bend, unlike the traditionalists, but first he had to start from scratch and convince them he wasn't an ill-bred snapdragon.

There were bad days and tolerable days, and sometimes even good ones. The Guardians, Shen, and Hilde helped Wufei get through them as best they could.

Until the day Hilde got sick.


Wufei had taken to practicing in the dojo in the evenings before bed, determined to keep in shape. Heero was usually his sparring partner, but sometimes Trowa would test his skills against his charge as well. In the many sessions they'd had together, Wufei had quickly been reminded just how capable they were. He'd bested Trowa eight out of nine times, but only beaten Heero three times. Quatre, who knew his strengths and weaknesses, would practice alone. And whenever Wufei suggested sparring, Duo declined. It irritated him; his curiosity on just how good the cocky boy was ate at him.

Wufei led the way to the dojo one evening, eager to take his frustrations out on the Guardian following in his footsteps. He'd practically gotten into a shouting match with his aunt about some protocol or other, and needed something to hit.

Soft singing greeted them as they stepped through the open doors, and Wufei's eyes slid past the weapons lining the walls to where Duo was lying flat on his back on the floor, spinning a knife lazily in his fingers as he sang to himself.

Wufei wrinkled his nose, confused by the foreign words. Every now and then he'd hear something in Basic, but the rest of it was gibberish. Heero walked past him, sending Duo a hard look.

"What language is that?" Wufei demanded.

Duo lowered his knife, and Wufei could just make out a wide grin from the other boy's prone position. "Nothing they teach in school anymore," he teased. "Don't worry about it." He began singing again.

Wufei looked towards Heero, but the other boy was frowning slightly. "Well could you at least translate it?" Wufei began his stretches. "You sound ridiculous."

Duo chuckled, but obliged after a moment's thought, switching his tune to Basic. "Seasons don't fear the reaper / Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain / We can be like they are / Come on baby...don't fear the reaper."

Wufei turned to stare at the boy. "What the hell is that? I'm not surprised you'd sing something so morbid, but I've never heard that before."

"...It's very old," Duo murmured after a moment, still grinning up at the ceiling. "Verrry old." He waved his arms in the air theatrically. "From before Colonization!" he called out in a mocking announcer voice.

"Bullshit. Then how would you know it?" Wufei snapped.

Heero took up a stance a few feet away. "Come on, Chang," he interrupted. "I thought you wanted to fight."

Wufei peered at Duo again, then abruptly let it drop. He turned to Heero, smirking. "You sure you want to do this? I'm not in a good mood. You might get hurt."

Heero just arched a brow and waited.

Wufei was about to move forward, when there was a step at the door. "Don't bother, Chang," Zhao drawled. "You're rusty from all your soft years on earth."

Wufei straightened and sent the older man a glare. "Not now, Zhao. I'm not in the mood."

Zhao sneered, strolling into the dojo arrogantly. "Oh? You saying I'm wrong?" He gestured imperiously for Heero to move away. "You want me to prove it?"

Wufei's lip curled. "You really don't want to spar with me today," he promised.

Duo and Heero glanced from one boy to the other in silence.

Zhao snorted loudly, holding his arms out in challenge. "Come on, Wufei. Take your best shot. You've had no one to properly spar with since you were a brat. I'll wipe the floor with you."

The temptation was just too much. Wufei shifted into a ready position and offered a cold little smile. "Have it your way. Yuy?"

Heero crossed the room to stand out of the way, and nodded once.

Zhao leapt for Wufei immediately, driving a fist at his head and another towards his stomach. Wufei twitched his head aside, slapping away the other fist and kicking out in an attempt to trip up the older boy. Zhao dodged nimbly, and within moments they were dancing back and forth across the floor in a fast-paced sparring match that had Duo sitting up to watch with interest.

Zhao hadn't been blowing smoke up his ass, that was for damn sure, Wufei thought grimly as he barely managed to block a jab aimed at his throat. The man was quick as hell, and was pulling out moves Wufei had never seen before. Shifting his feet for better balance, he jerked his elbow up to knock aside a fist--

A knee caught him in the gut hard enough to knock the wind out of him and cause him to double over. An instant later the side of Zhao's hand slammed into the back of his neck, bringing him to his knees.

"That's dirty!" Duo shouted indignantly.

Wufei dropped to the floor and rolled out of the way before leaping to his feet again, wincing. The blow had almost been enough to knock him out, and he blinked rapidly, trying to ignore the pain as he glared at his opponent.

"Shut up, street rat," Zhao shot at Duo. "What the hell do you know about fighting?"

Duo was on his feet immediately, and Heero had to grab his arm to hold him back. "You wanna talk shit? C'mon, lemmie show you how the floor of this dojo tastes, you damn punk." Heero put a restraining hand on his arm.

Wufei took a deep breath and rushed Zhao, but the older boy was ready for him. Wufei's frustration began to mount as he only managed to land a couple of quick blows. He was forced to go on the defensive as a flurry of blows backed him towards the wall.

Everything Wufei knew about martial arts had been partly self-taught, and partly from classes back on earth. The simple moves he'd been shown as a child on L5 just couldn't compare to the years of training Zhao had received on Yeong. A foot hooked behind his ankles and he spat a curse as he crashed to the floor on his back.

Zhao didn't bother to go after him again. He skipped backwards, laughing and looking viciously triumphant. "Come on, Chang, is that all you've got? This is pathetic."

Wufei forced himself to take several slow breaths to keep a handle on his temper, and climbed slowly to his feet. Zhao was just playing with him. For the first time Wufei began to doubt the possibility of a victory.

"C'mon, man, kick his ass!" Duo shouted encouragingly from the sidelines. "He's nothin', man!"

"I told you to shut up," Zhao snarled, flicking Duo a quick look of contempt. "You shouldn't even be allowed in this dojo. This is a place for real warriors, not snivelling replacement little Guardian-wannabe's like you!"

"You're supposed to be fighting me, Zhao," Wufei growled, darting forward and aiming a blow at Zhao's temple. "Shit-talk my Guardians again, and--"

"And what?" Zhao sneered, easily deflecting the blow. "Come on, Wufei. I thought you were going to show me what you were made of!" Strangely, he only seemed to be getting angrier, despite the fact that he was winning.

He spun, slipping past Wufei's arm, and slammed both palms into his opponent's chest. Wufei's breath whooshed out of his lungs, and he stumbled backwards.
Zhao came at him again, but this time Wufei managed to seize the fist that came at his face. He glared into the older boy's face, still panting for proper breath. "What is your problem with me, Zhao??" he demanded heatedly. "What the hell have I ever done to you?"

Zhao snarled at him and jerked his fist free, and they danced across the floor again while Duo and Heero watched tensely.

"Answer me!" Wufei shouted, blocking a kick with his knee. "Ever since I can remember, you've been a complete jackass! What is it about me that you hate so much? I have enough to worry about without having to watch my back against one of my own people!"

"Shut up!" Zhao managed to get a good hit in on Wufei's shoulder, and took a step back for a moment to glare with open hatred.

"You've been antagonistic to me and my Guardians since the minute we met! Especially Duo!" Wufei dropped down and swung his leg out in an attempt to sweep Zhao's legs out from under him.

"Guardians?!" Zhao leapt over the foot and drove an elbow down towards Wufei's head. Wufei was forced to throw himself to the side to avoid it. "That filthy punk isn't a real Guardian! He's just some stupid replacement-- and a mistake! He isn't worthy of taking her place!"

"Hua??" Wufei hesitated, staring at the furious young man in confusion. "What the hell has Hua got to do with--"

"Don't you dare say her name," Zhao practically screamed, flying at him once more. "You don't have the right--!"

Wufei saw his chance and decided to take it. In his anger, Zhao's blows were wild, and Wufei darted forward, right into Zhao's arms. He slammed the side of his arm into Zhao's throat, seizing one of Zhao's arms and kicking out viciously.

Zhao stumbled, and Wufei let himself fall forward, bringing them both to the ground with a crash. Wufei quickly straddled him, and grabbed a fistful of Zhao's shirt, shouting right in his face. "What the fuck is your problem, Mao?! What is your damned problem with me?! Tell me the truth!"

Zhao was struggling fiercely in the grasp, but he paused for just an instant to bark right in Wufei's face. "Hua is dead because of YOU! You killed her, Chang! You killed her and she was replaced with that snivelling little outsider!"

Wufei was so surprised, his grip loosened for a moment. That moment was all Zhao needed. He twisted his body, cracking Wufei across the jaw with a fist at the same time. Wufei's back met the dojo floor painfully, and he had just enough presence of mind to bring up his arms in an attempt to deflect the sudden rain of blows aimed at his face.

There was shouting, then Heero and Duo were there, dragging Zhao off bodily and holding him down.

Wufei pushed himself up into a sitting position slowly, spitting blood impatiently to the side. He probed carefully at a tooth that felt a little loose, and stared wordlessly at Zhao.

Before he could think of something to say, there were quick footsteps outside. A moment later Relena appeared, clearly out of breath. "Wufei, come quick, it's--" She stopped, staring in surprise at the scene. "What's going on here?!"

"Get off me!" Zhao snarled, still struggling.

Wufei nodded, and Heero and Duo released him. Relena jumped aside as the man scrambled to his feet and raced from the dojo. Wufei watched him go numbly.

"What the fuck was he going on about?" Duo muttered. "Isn't Hua the girl who--"

"Later, Maxwell," Wufei muttered, forcing his attention towards Relena. She never spoke to him anymore unless absolutely necessary, and the fact that she was doing so made him tense with anticipation. Her worried look did nothing to help his anxiety. Struggling to force his fight with Zhao aside for the time being, he got to his feet slowly, his whole body aching. "What is it, Relena?"

"Oh my god, your face--" Relena came forward, hand lifting as if to touch, then she seemed to realize what she was doing, and stopped abruptly. "It's Hilde. I caught her throwing up a minute ago. It could be nothing, but with Mariemaia around and after what happened to your grandfather..."

Wufei's heart gave an alarmed leap in his chest. Jesus. If that psychotic bitch had gotten to Hilde, of all people...

He was striding across the lawn towards the main building without any memory of leaving the dojo, the others hurrying to keep up. "Where is she now?"

"She's in my bedroom; I had my door guards stay put to make sure she stays there and no one tries to go in." Relena had to practically jog to stay close enough to be heard.

"Where's Mariemaia?"

"Shen said she's with her father doing some tour of the colony. She left the grounds about an hour ago."

"Plenty of time to slip some poison into someone's tea and slip out to wait for the effects," Duo growled, eyes wild with anger and worry. He was already abreast with Wufei, and looked as if he was struggling not to run ahead.

"But why Hilde?" Relena asked desperately. "Even you thought I would be her primary target."

"Hilde's been openly hostile with her," Wufei said tightly, taking the steps two at a time. "Mariemaia gets offended quickly..."

"And she's a vindictive little shitbag," Duo finished, teeth clenched.

"We still don't know if this is her handywork," Heero pointed out as Relena led the way to her bedchambers. "She would have to assume we'd suspect her. What can she possibly gain from such a foolhardy move?"

"It might just be a bug," Relena suggested hopefully. "Sometimes when I go to visit my father, there's someone else in a bed. The nurse says there's some mild flu going around outside the gates that some of the guards who patrol have picked up."

"Yeah, maybe that's it," Duo muttered hopefully.

The door guards saw them coming and held open the door. Wufei barely acknowledged them as he led the others inside. He did a quick scan of the room and felt his heartrate slow to something a little more regular when he spotted his old friend sitting primly on the bed, looking a bit pale, but otherwise all right. She glared at them all as if they'd offended her in some way, arms crossed.

"Good grief, you guys. Like I told Relena, I'm fine. It's just that fish they made for lunch. I guess it didn't agree with me. I feel better now that I puked." She did a double-take and opened her eyes wide. "Good GOD, Wufei! Heero kick your ass in the dojo again? Don't you think you two are going a little overboard?"

Wufei let out a silent breath of relief and masked his previous anxiety with a frown. "Don't be stupid. What are you talking about?"

Hilde strode over and poked Wufei's face a little less than gently. Wufei flinched before he could stop himself. In his hurry to reach her, he'd forgotten how much his face felt like a flattened punching bag. "It's nothing," he insisted, pushing her hand aside impatiently.

Duo's tense shoulders had relaxed on seeing her act so normally, and he grinned a little ruefully. "Zhao decided to take out some pent-up aggression on him, that's all. Guess he's better than we thought."

"Zhao?!" Hilde scowled darkly. "What is that guy's deal?"

"He's always hated me," Duo admitted, unconcerned. "Though I'm not sure why he holds a grudge against Wufei."

"He mentioned Hua," Wufei recalled, glancing at each of his Guardians. "That was the Guardian you replaced, wasn't it, Duo? She died..." he trailed off, wracking his brain for the memory. "I don't remember exactly what happened; only that it was my fault. Even when the dragon showed me things, that part was hazy."

"Maybe cuz you still feel guilty about it, and don't want to remember," Duo suggested with a shrug.

"It wasn't your fault," Heero interjected firmly.

"No, of course not," Duo agreed hastily. "It was an accident, that's all."

"You weren't even there," Wufei said with a trace of anger.

"I told him about it," Heero admitted. "He asked about it shortly after he became a Guardian."

Wufei gave them each a hard look. "So you remember it," he accused softly. "Just tell me already. Besides, it obviously is a sore spot for Zhao. I need to know if his grudge is justified before I strangle him in his sleep."

They glanced at each other. "It was just... a big joke," Duo finally said reluctantly. "Hua was really into her Guardianship, from what I heard. Just as stuffy as Heero here. But you and Heero were close, and she irritated you, I guess. I dunno, maybe you thought she had cooties. Anyway, one day you bullied Heero into telling her you'd fallen in the well. No idea how you managed to get him to do that."

Heero flinched slightly, a flash of guilt. "He promised to stop asking questions about... something... if I'd play along." His hand lifted towards ruyi, hanging about his neck as it always did these days. Wufei glanced at him, but didn't interrupt.

"She ran out to the well and tried to climb in to 'save' you, but the rope broke," Duo continued.

"She fell and broke her neck," Heero stated flatly. "By the time you and I got help, it was too late."

Wufei stared at him in horror. A part of him tried to flinch away from the guilt that bubbled up in him, but then there was a clear picture in his mind, for just an instant, of a small crumpled body at the bottom of a long shaft.

"Oh my god," Hilde breathed, eyes wide. "That poor little girl." Relena was holding a hand to her mouth, looking stricken.

"It was an accident," Heero said again. "But it's why Duo is your fourth Guardian. If I hadn't gone along with it, it probably never would have happened."

"Christ," Wufei growled, rubbing at his temples roughly. "Don't try to drag all the blame to yourself, Yuy. Both of us were idiots."

"You were just kids, 'Fei," Duo pointed out. "You didn't know what was going to happen."

"That doesn't mean it's not our fault," Wufei snapped. He drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "But beating ourselves up about it isn't going to change the past. And while it was horrible, I still don't understand why Zhao seems to take it so personally. They weren't related, were they?"

Heero shook his head. "Not to my knowledge. She was the first-born to that family; it's why she was a Guardian, even though she was female. The Mao family isn't related to hers."

"You could ask your aunt or Shen," Hilde suggested. "But before you do anything else..." she reached out and poked at Wufei's face again. "Go get yourself fixed up. You look like shit."

Wufei started to scowl at her again, but it aggravated his split lip.

"Come on." Heero beckoned. "We'll get what we need in the infirmary."


Relena had been right about the bug going around; there were two sniffling, coughing men in the infirmary waiting to be seen by the nurse. Rather than bother her, Heero snagged some antiseptic and bandages from the cupboard and followed Wufei back to his quarters.

The second the door was shut, Wufei stalked over to his bed and gave the mattress a few solid punches. He would have preferred to have taken his frustration out on the wall, but the thump would bring the door guards running.

Heero watched him silently for a moment, then gave his shoulder a firm push. Wufei sat down and proceeded to glower at the far wall as Heero began dabbing a cotton soaked with antiseptic on the cuts and bruises on his face.

Wufei didn't allow himself to flinch, even when the stinging liquid touched his split lip. He was furious at himself for letting Zhao goad him into a fight, and even more upset that he'd lost. True, the little shit had played dirty in the end, but up until then, it had been alarmingly obvious that Zhao was the more superior fighter. To have lost to someone who he'd been itching to put in his place for so long was humiliating and infuriating.

Heero glanced up at him from where he knelt at the side of the bed, wrapping a bit of dressing around Wufei's split knuckles.

"There's no use in getting upset," he pointed out in a monotone. "Zhao has been professionally trained his entire life. I expected you to find him somewhat of a challenge."

"So did I," Wufei exploded, jerking his hand away. "But I didn't expect that pompous ass to wipe the floor with me! I was his personal punching bag! I'm weak! I should have trained harder! I should have--"

"Wufei." Heero reached up and seized his chin with strong fingers, forcing him to look at him. "Stop it. You're not weak. You've beaten Trowa on a regular basis, and I haven't won every time we've sparred. Besides, you were angry, and that made you a little more careless. Use this as an incentive to train harder."

Wufei scowled weakly, but didn't bother arguing. Heero was using his "get over it" tone, and worse, he was right. Heero tried to catch his hand again to finish bandaging it, but Wufei shook him off and began pacing restlessly. Adrenaline and resentment still hummed in his veins, making it impossible to sit still. He wanted to fight, but his entire body was sore. He considered punching the wall again.

Heero watched him for a moment, eyes narrowed as he assessed Wufei's mood carefully. Abruptly he got to his feet and stepped in Wufei's path.

Muttering irritably under his breath, Wufei tried to move around him. Heero took a step to the right, blocking him off again, then another one, so that he was right in the other boy's personal space.

Wufei glared fiercely down at Heero's chest, willing him to move.

"Calm down. You have more lessons this afternoon, and you won't be able to concentrate if you're still pent-up like this. And you know how your aunt gets when she thinks you aren't paying attention."

"Move, Yuy," Wufei snapped.


Wufei shoved him roughly.

Heero refused to budge; he seized Wufei's arm, holding it out of the way, and leaned in to steal a quick, ungentle kiss.

Wufei jerked his head away, glaring at his lover. "What the hell do you think you're do--"

"You obviously need to work out your energy somehow," Heero noted, giving the captured arm a tug so that Wufei was forced up against him. "And seeing how you're in no condition for a sparring match--"

Wufei wrenched his arm away and shoved Heero again, harder this time. Heero grunted as he stumbled back against the desk. Wufei was on him in the next instant, hands clasping either side of his face roughly, his mouth aggressively claiming Heero's.

Heero made an "mmph" noise, but didn't try to escape. His hands were already fumbling with Wuei's sash.

Their first time had been slow-- careful.

Their second time had been just as cautious.

There was nothing hesitant or gentle this time.

Wufei found himself disrobed in what seemed like moments. He was almost too busy trying to snatch breaths of air and yank Heero's own clothes off to notice he was being steered towards the bed. The back of his knees hit the mattress, but he refused to lie back. Twisting around and tugging ruthlessly on Heero's hair, he reversed their positions, and pressed Heero firmly beneath him on the covers.

Heero growled against his mouth and bucked, and it became a tussle. Hard hands dragging across sweaty skin, hungry mouths and lips and teeth, and strong legs shoving and resisting as each fought to be the one on top.

"No--" Wufei snarled as he found himself pinned beneath his friend. He jerked his head away to glare up at him. His entire body went tense as he strained against the hands holding him down. Heero hesitated, staring into his stubborn gaze, and after a moment released him. He started to back off, obviously a little lost on how to proceed when met with such fierce resistance.

Wufei pushed himself up and into a kneeling position, grabbing a handful of brown hair to hold Heero still. He fought to get his breathing a bit more under control, and shook his head once, sharply, forcing himself to focus. "Not like-- that." He couldn't bring himself to accept such a submissive position as on his back-- not now. Not after his humiliating defeat in the dojo.

Heero eyed him carefully for a moment, and seemed to understand. His fingers skimmed down either side of Wufei's hips. "The other way?" he suggested.

Wufei hesitated, torn. "It's your turn," he pointed out grudgingly.

Heero arched a brow. "You were serious about the 'turn' idea?" he asked dryly.

Wufei scowled. "There's got to be another way to do this, where I don't have to lie flat on my back like a woman."

"We could do what you did to me--"

Wufei shook his head firmly. Getting on stomach or even his hands and knees was unacceptable at this point; just as submissive, somehow.

"What you did to me..."

"Wait." Wufei hesitated, unsure. Could that even be done...? He glanced towards the chair. Fuck it. Worth a shot. "Sit down. Over there. Like before."

Heero shot a quick look from the chair back to him, surprised. After a moment he nodded slowly and got up. Wufei leaned over and rummaged under his bed for his bag, digging through it until he found the nearly-empty bottle of lube. Got to find some more later, he reminded himself absently.

Heero was already seated on the chair, watching Wufei with anticipation but a bit of uncertainty as well. Wufei wriggled out of the last of his clothes and sat up, still too wound-up to allow himself any room for embarrassment or second thoughts. "I'll do it," he said shortly when Heero reached for the lube. Heero blinked, but settled back in the chair to wait.

Wufei spread the last of the greasy substance on his fingers and reached behind himself, arching forward slightly. Doing it himself was a bit more awkward than he'd anticipated, but he was impatient and determined. He forced his muscles to relax as much as he could, slipping first one, then two fingers inside. Glancing up, he caught Heero staring at him, eyes hungry. Feeling a flicker of self-consciousness, Wufei finished quickly and tossed the empty bottle aside.

He strode boldly over to the chair and reached down, using the remaining lube still on his hand to coat his lover's erection. Heero took in a quick, sharp breath through his nose and grabbed the back of Wufei's skull, pulling him down for a hard kiss.

The thought flickered through Wufei's mind-- GodIHopeThisWorks --then he was straddling his partner as he had the last time they'd made--

--had sex.

He barely noticed the mental stumble, already putting all his concentration into what he was doing. Eyes locked with Heero's, he forced himself to relax as Heero reached down to guide himself to Wufei's entrance. Taking a deep breath, he slowly let himself sit down a bit.

Heero's hands went to his hips and tightened, his breathing quick and shallow. Wufei was panting, struggling to keep his eyes on Heero's face to distract himself from the pain. He hadn't prepared himself enough... and this angle... it was--

Gritting his teeth, he dug his fingers into Heero's shoulders and lowered himself fully, in one quick movement.

Heero bucked a bit in the chair, taken off guard. His fingers dug into Wufei's hips, and he hissed a quiet curse of surprise.

Wufei's legs were trembling minutely as he lifted himself a bit, then sat down again, harder this time. Pain flared, but-- something else, too...

This angle was...

"Wufei--" Heero's face contorted a bit, his hands flexing unconsciously as he struggled to keep control of himself. "Don't-- Slow down, or I'll hurt you on accident--"

Wufei ignored him. He lifted himself even further, until he could feel Heero about to slip out, then dropped down again heavily.

Heero's eyes slammed shut, and a groan escaped from behind clenched teeth.

This angle was-- Heero was-- going much... deeper than before... and if he...

Up again... and tilt a bit, change the angle... And down--

Wufei's gasp sounded loud in the room, but he barely heard himself. White had flooded his vision for an instant at that sudden stab of intense pain/pleasure. His fingers dug into Heero's shoulders like a lifeline. Again-- He reached desperately for that fierce feeling again, lifting himself and then almost immediately rocking down again.

Heero's head fell forward, his body arching towards Wufei's instinctively, his hands grasping and pulling, trying to impale Wufei further.

Wufei's ears were ringing; all he could hear were the ragged sounds of their breathing, and the noise of flesh on flesh. Again--

"ShitWufei," Heero gasped, voice strained.

Fast and hard and merciless-- Wufei rocked back and hit that spot again and--


A noise snuck its way out of his throat before he could stop it, but he was already clawing for that peak again.

And now Heero's arms were flexing, muscles standing out as he suddenly lifted and pulled, helping Wufei and slamming him down even harder, even faster, as if he couldn't help himself.

Wufei opened his mouth to breath, found he couldn't--

And down again-- hard-- hitting that spot--

His body jerked suddenly, his fingers leaving bruises on Heero's shoulders as he came with a shout he barely managed to muffle in time against the side of his lover's neck.

Heero shuddered violently, and he dragged Wufei down again, roughly. He groaned into Wufei's shoulder, body bending like a bow as he hit his own climax.

Wufei let himself fall forward bonelessly, bracing himself against Heero's chest, panting in the other boy's ear. His limbs were trembling from exertion, but the rest of his body felt languriously relaxed. Heero's hands slipped from his hips numbly, and he leaned his forehead against Wufei's shoulder, trying to catch his breath.

"...That was interesting," he murmured at last, and Wufei felt a smug smirk tug at his lips at the slight unsteadiness to his lover's voice.

"Maybe I'll let you try it sometime," he teased.

Heero snorted, reaching up and tugging on Wufei's ponytail, forcing him to sit back a bit and look at him. He kissed Wufei soundly for a moment before leaning back to study him carefully. "I'm assuming that you've worked out your aggression."

Wufei lifted a brow imperiously, keeping a straight face. "For now."

Author's Notes: ;____; *hides in a corner* I know, I know, this hasn't been updated in MONTHS. I'm so sorry. I kept trying to work on it, but kept getting distracted by my comics and occassionally Shatter. I thought a sex scene might work as an apology >XD~


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