Chapter 40: "One Last Forbidden Act"

"I can't believe that sonnofabitch," Duo snarled, pacing back and forth across the floor between Wufei's room and the comfortable chairs that had already been claimed by the girls and Quatre. "That sneaky, unfaithful, homophobic--"

"Duo," Quatre cut him off sharply, flicking a quick look towards Relena, who was looking increasingly confused by the use of the word "homophobic".

Duo bared his teeth in a silent response.

"You're being unfair, Duo," Quatre said quietly but firmly. "Trowa was only doing what he was told to do. Technically, he's right. And you saw the look on his face; he never expected this to happen. Trowa is not the type to crave power or prestige, and the role of follower suits him better than leader. He never wanted Heero's position."

"So you say," Duo sneered. "Whether that's true or not, one thing's obvious: that shit he pulled was betrayal, plain and simple."

"Betrayal?" Quatre repeated, aghast. "How can you say that?? He was only--"

"Following orders, yeah, I know," Duo interrupted impatiently. He flung an arm out to indicate Heero, who was standing with his back against the wall, staring unblinkingly at Wufei's closed door with arms crossed. "Heero used to be even more mechanical than Tro-- but at least he's learning when to bend the rules a little!"

Quatre's face shifted from aggravated frustration to something more grim. "The rules," he said in a quiet voice, "are there for a reason, Duo. While I understand why you're upset--"

"Upset!" Duo scoffed.

Quatre continued as if he hadn't spoken, "--you have no right to slander Trowa's name like that. You don't know shit about him."

That got everyone's attention. Even Heero turned his head to stare. Duo paused, eyebrows flicking up. Quatre rarely cursed.

Quatre continued to gaze sternly up at the braided boy, hands clasped tightly in his lap. "Duo, you know Heero better than Trowa or I do. You've hung out together since childhood. But I know Trowa better than you ever will. That's not a boast-- it's just a fact. I've been with Trowa since the beginning. You came in late, and Heero spent the first five or six years with Wufei. But Trowa and I weren't needed until we were older. So it was decided that we would be easier to train if we had a partner." His eyes flashed. "It's easy for you to disregard the rules, Duo, because of your personality. A large part of that comes from your childhood on the streets, where you didn't have to follow anybody else's rules. Trowa is different, just as Heero is. Heero's from a military family, and he was raised with the strict formalities of Wufei's Clan. The only thing that's helped him soften up a bit is his friendship with Wufei. Trowa's trainer was extremely hard on him. And his family was constantly keeping tabs on his progress throughout his childhood, making sure he was not embarrassing them, that he could be the perfect bodyguard. Doing otherwise would mean a blemish on the family name; they were already full of themselves at the fact that one of their own had been chosen as a Guardian." His eyes narrowed, stalling Duo's attempt at a rebuttal. "Trowa is the way he is. No one's ever told him to be any different. That might be my fault; I never pushed him to be anything else. I simply accepted that he was a certain way, and got used to it. I remember Wufei's trainer referring to him as the 'perfect soldier' once. (1) I used to think he might never change, but now...." his eyes lowered. "Perhaps seeing the backlash of doing what he saw as 'his duty' will have some effect on him."

"No one's that goddamn inhuman," Duo snarled. "Any idiot knows that loyalty to your friends comes before anybody else's goddamn rules."

"That's something you learned on the street, Duo," Quatre reminded him in a murmur. "It's not something a human shield is taught."

There was a long, strained silence.

Finally Relena cleared her throat delicately. "I'm afraid I'm not following all of this," she admitted hesitantly. "What exactly did Trowa do?"

Duo frowned, glancing from her to Heero. Quatre avoided her eyes. Hilde stepped in hastily. "I don't think his family approves of the close friendship between Wufei and Heero. They think it's inappropriate for him to be friends with his own bodyguard."

"That's silly," Relena huffed, and the tension eased a bit as she accepted the white lie. "I would think it would be better that way; it makes Heero more willing to do his job, right?"

"But it also," Quatre said very quietly, gazing out of the port hole at the stars, "could inspire Wufei to reverse the roles and protect such a friend."

"Can't have that," Duo said, only partly sarcastic.

"That sounds exactly like something Wufei would do," Hilde admitted with a sigh. "He tends to throw caution for his own safety out the window when it comes down to protecting other people." A nostalgic smile twitched at her lips. "I remember when this new kid arrived at our school freshman year... short, quiet, geeky-looking kid that everyone teased. A bunch of jocks in our class cornered him after school and started beating on him for no reason, and Wufei happened to walk by and see it." She laughed quietly. "He didn't even know the kid. But that didn't stop him from wading in and starting havoc. Beat the crap out of all of them, but he got pretty bloodied up himself. Afterwards, the kid just sat there shaking and blubbering and all Wufei said was.. 'Go home'." She blinked, bringing herself back to the present. "That was with a stranger. I'd hate to see what happened to anyone stupid enough to threaten one of his friends. That's probably why no one ever messed with me."

"That, and it's pretty damn obvious you can pretty much take care of yourself," Duo added with the hint of a grin.

Hilde glanced at him, stifling her answering smile belatedly.

"Leave Trowa alone," Quatre said firmly, looking most sternly at Duo. "He can't help who he is. Let him learn from his own mistakes."

"But this time," Duo pointed out with no trace of a smile, "his mistakes might hurt us as well."

It was then that Zhao came striding purposefully towards the room, and opened the door before anyone could stop him.


"Zhao--" Wufei rose quickly to his feet. "You're Zhao??"

"Ohh you remember me?" The man's grin widened unpleasantly. "I'm honored," he drawled mockingly.

Wufei wanted to say "I remember a kid who threw sand in my face in the middle of an otherwise honest fight", but decided that would be a bad first impression. "Only vaguely," he said instead.

"Ah. Sorry to have interrupted," Zhao purred when Mingzhu looked ready to say something. He slipped out, the door sliding shut behind him.

"Wait--" Wufei half-shouted.

"You may speak with him later," Mingzhu cut him off impatiently. "And don't bother shouting; he can't hear you." She flicked her fingers, indicating the room. "This room is sound-proofed for meetings such as these. Another reason it's prudent to have bodyguards at the door at all times."

Wufei lowered himself slowly back into his seat, forcing himself to focus once more on his aunt.

Mingzhu held his gaze sternly. "While I am sure Ling made sure you respected the most basic of traditions and beliefs, I doubt she was much help in preparing you for this day. I will instruct you on--"

"Wait." Wufei held up a hand. She paused, though she did not look happy at the interruption. "My mo-- my foster mother. Who is she, really?"

"That is not the point right now."

Wufei's jaw tightened stubbornly. "It's important to me. She's the only mother I remember. I want to know who she really is."

Mingzhu took in a deep breath for patience. "She is my cousin, and your father's. Your second cousin."

Wufei felt something inside him settle in content; some deep part of himself he'd never been fully aware of. "So she is family," he murmured.

"Yes, she's related to you by blood, if that's what you mean. We wouldn't have left you in the care of just anybody. Now can we please get back to the point?"

Wufei nodded vaguely.

"I'm sure you've figured some things out on your own," she continued. "With the amount of attention you've been receiving, I'm sure it quickly became obvious that you aren't just any lost young man. Your father, by birthright in the main Clan, was the leader of all the Clans on L5. And now you, as the only child and sole survivor of the immediate family, are his heir."

Wufei could only stare at her.

"I have been informed that there are no past relationships, no girlfriends, nothing of that sort. That is a good thing. I'll be blunt. As I said, you are not only the heir, you are the only one in line for the position. You have no siblings. Therefore, it is imperitive that another future heir be quickly..." she hesitated delicately, "well, you understand. We need to make sure the bloodline continues. You will be expected to--"

"Marry," Wufei finished. His voice was suspiciously strained and an octave higher than normal.

"Yes. Immediately."

"Marry. Immediately." Wufei felt numb and terrfied at the same time. He could not seem to form a coherant sentence, much less wipe the stupefied look off his face.

"Yes," Mingzhu said a bit impatiently. "It will be a great comfort knowing that the future of our Clan is secure."

"I can't get married!" Wufei exclaimed before he could stop himself. He could feel a blush heating up his ears. "I'm only--"

"You're old enough," Mingzhu said firmly. "And I don't know how to put this any more bluntly, but-- you don't really have a choice."

"What?" That was a very undignified squeak. Wufei made a strenuous effort to calm himself down. Suddenly, an awful lot of things were beginning to make sense. With a growing sense of panic and indignation, he recalled Duo's interrogation about his love life, and the strange arguments among his Guardians about his impertive need to have no.. "distractions".

Mingzhu was beginning to look annoyed at his poor reaction, but Shen stepped in soothingly. "I'm sure this is something of a surprise for you, but it's not so bad. We've even found you the perfect match."

Wufei stared. "..Match? You mean..." his face began to heat up in a mixture of embarrassment and anger. "Someone's been picked for me??"

"Of course." Mingzhu frowned. "I won't try to pretty this up. This will be a marriage of convenience. It will help us politically as well as give us another heir. Try to control yourself, Fei, you look ridiculous. It doesn't suit one of your position."

The rebuttal to the name rolled off his tongue automatically. "Don't call me--"

"Wufei," Trowa warned under his breath.

Mingzhu's eyes narrowed. She looked quickly at Trowa, then back to Wufei. "You must be joking," she said flatly.

Trowa managed not to flinch. "It seems Heero never got around to--"

"This is absurd!" Mingzhu's nails dug into her palm. "You've been calling him by that ridiculous nickname all this time?? You couldn't even be bothered to show him the respect of referring to him by his real name? He is not a child anymore, Barton, he is your leader!"

Wufei thought his bottom jaw might be somewhere around his navel, and snapped his mouth shut with a click of teeth. Dread and hot anger boiled in his stomach. "Nickname?" he snarled.

"Obviously," Mingzhu huffed. "Did it never occur to you what a ridiculous name like.. 'Wufei'.." her lip curled, "really was? It was merely a nickname from your youth. I am unaware of who actually started it, but your father indulged you and allowed your Guardians to refer to you this way. It had something to do with the five of you..."

Wufei didn't hear the rest. The five of you. Four Guardians... and then him...

A nickname.

He felt as if he had been punched in the stomach.

Everything was a lie. Even his name. Duo-- Duo kept calling him 'Fei. But he hadn't been using a nickname, he had been...

"Your name is Chang Fei," Mingzhu said firmly. "I can understand Ling keeping that childhood name for you in order to keep you better hidden, but you must forget all that. It is very undignified. It is a baby name."

Wufei's fists were shaking, so he hid them under the desk and fought to control his expression. He didn't trust himself to look at Trowa just yet. "I'm done talking," he said in a hard voice.

Mingzhu hesitated, caught off guard. Surprise flashed across her face, quickly followed by irritation. "We are not done here--"

"Yes we are," Wufei interrupted rudely. "You can't possibly expect me to take this in all at once. We can talk later. I need to sleep on this."


"This conversation," Wufei said in an arctic tone, "is over."

There was an uncomfortable silence.

In the end, whether it was because of his obvious anger or his high position, Mingzhu decided to back down. She rose stiffly to her feet, and the aides quickly followed suit. "Later, then," she said coolly. "I suspect you have much to think about." The three of them bowed slightly, then left without another word.

Wufei took in a deep breath, staring hard at his desk's surface. After a moment, Trowa came around to stand in front of the desk. "...I'm sorry," he murmured at last. "There were a lot of things we were told to keep from you, but we should have at least told you about your name. It didn't occur to me personally; we were all too accustomed to calling you Wufei. I guess I assumed Heero would eventually--"

"Get out."

Trowa hesitated.

Wufei's temper snapped. He leapt to his feet, the chair crashing to the ground behind him as he waved an arm violently in the direction of the door. "GET OUT!!"

Trowa's face was unreadable. He said nothing, but offered a slight bow and headed for the door.

"Don't fucking-- Don't BOW to me, damn it!!" Wufei shouted furiously, slamming his fists onto the desk. "Damn you, Trowa!! You've been lying to me longest of all! You could have told me-- You could have said SOMETHING--!"

The door had opened halfway through his shouting, and Heero stepped quickly into the room, looking quickly from Wufei to Trowa, who was staring at the ground mutely. "Wufei--"

Wufei had the sudden urge to throw something heavy at Heero's head. "Don't CALL me that!! You god damn liars--"

Heero's eyes narrowed. Shoving Trowa out of the office, he slammed his palm against the door's controls, shutting the door quickly.

"Stay away from me, Yuy," Wufei snarled, coming around the desk, ready for a fight as Heero marched towards him. "I don't even want to look at any of you. Do you have any idea what it's like to know that everything about you is a lie?? This is what my mother meant by 'destiny'. I'm nobody, I'm a fucking figurehead, my job is to give them an heir and--"

Heero grabbed his wrists and shoved him back hard.

Wufei hadn't been expecting that. He gave a grunt of surprise as his back connected painfully with the desk's edge. Belatedly he jerked his hands free. "Don't touch me, you--" he swung a fist, and was startled when the hit connected solidly with Heero's cheek.

Heero stumbled back a step at the hard blow, then turned his head to face Wufei again. "I should have told you," he said simply.

"Oh, you think?" Wufei said with biting sarcasm. He felt betrayed and angry and stupid all at once. A part of him knew his tantrum was childish, but he was too furious to care.

Heero refused to avert his gaze. "About your name, I mean. The rest was not my place to reveal."

"But you couldn't even give me that much," Wufei snapped. "Couldn't even tell me about my name. You've all been calling me by some stupid baby name all this time??"

"It's not a baby name," Heero said so fiercely it gave Wufei pause. Heero took in a slow breath, his tone more even. "To Mingzhu and the others, that's all it is. A nickname we gave you when we were kids. But it means something to us-- to the four of us. It always meant more to us than 'Fei'. It made you... one of us."

Wufei struggled to get his harsh breathing under control. "You still... you should have..."

"I meant to," Heero said quietly. "At first. And then it no longer became important. It isn't your name that makes you who you are. Not to us, anyway."

"Don't give me that," Wufei growled. "Mingzhu already made it clear what you four really are. 'Bullet-catchers', I think was the term she used. She said you were all supposed to approach me as friends, to make it easier to trust you. But none of you really care on an emotional level, you're just bodygu--"

Heero leaned in suddenly, forcing Wufei to jerk back. "If you want to delude yourself like that about me or Trowa, go right ahead," he said harshly. "But if you really believe Quatre or Duo could pull off an act like that this long-- if you really think they don't give a shit about you --then you're stupider than I thought."

"How dare y--"

"The Guardians' job is to protect the heir," Heero bulled on. "That's what the position is for. Be Chang Fei. That's who they want you to be. Leader, heir, whatever. They're going to tell you more things that will confuse you and show you how important you really are to your Clan. But if you're really as honorable, as human, as you claim to be--" he jabbed Wufei hard in the chest. "Be Chang Wufei, too. We're the bodyguards of Fei. But we're Wufei's friends."

Wufei bared his teeth in a weak show of defiance. "Are you finally going soft, Yuy?" he managed to demand. "That sounds like something Duo would say." He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. Because an instant later he realized just how hard it must have been for the infamously emotionally-handicapped Heero Yuy to say those things.

Heero's eyes narrowed. "Grow up."

Wufei gaped at the other boy. "Wha--"

"You heard me," Heero said, his temper obviously stirred. "Grow up. It's a lot to handle. But you're going to have to deal with it. This is who you are; you're Chang Fei. The leader of the last of your people. 'Destiny', fine, if that's what you want to call it. You can't fight it. You just have to accept it."

Wufei pressed his lips together tightly.

"This is who you are, Fei," Heero said, a bit more quietly, but still with heat. "Ling wanted you to be normal as long as possible. Why do you think she raised you the way she did? In hindsight, trying to let you be somewhat 'normal' for a little longer was a mistake on our part, but--"

"Stop.." Wufei interrupted harshly. He took a slow, calming breath, his voice rough. "Stop calling me that."

Heero hesitated, caught off guard. "..What?"

"First Duo, now you. It's getting annoying," Wufei muttered, glaring at Heero's chest as his fingers dug into the desk's edge behind him. "How many times do I have to tell you to quit calling me 'Fei? Dumbass."

Heero stared at him in blank surprise for a moment, then slowly his face shifted into something Wufei would have called 'gentler' on anyone else.

"At least now I understand Trowa's violent reaction to... us." Wufei still couldn't lift his gaze. "Married. Feh. They even have someone picked out. That means that you and I..." He shook his head sharply. "There's no way... This can't work. This could never..."

"Anata to issho ni itai." (2)

Wufei hesitated, finally lifting his eyes to Heero's at the calm words. "..What? What the hell does that mean?"

"It means... I don't care what they think," Heero said quietly, face unreadable. "But you're right. And Trowa was right. This can't--"

Wufei reached up suddenly and seized double fistfuls of hair, jerking the other boy's face forward and treating him to a rough, almost savage kiss. When he pulled away a moment later, he glared into Heero's startled eyes. "I don't either," he said quietly but firmly. "I don't care..."

"No--" Heero tried to tug Wufei's hands free carefully. "I don't think you fully understand what--"

"Shut up, Heero," Wufei growled, trying to ignore the fact that his cheeks were hot with embarassment. "For once stop being a fucking soldier. I said I don't care, and I meant it. They don't have to know--"

Heero stopped tugging on his wrists, but his expression had the faintest hint of regret. "We can't," he murmured. "You're going to have a wife. And a child. There's no avoiding that."

Wufei gritted his teeth. Desperation and rebellion fought inside of him. With it came embarrassment at what he was saying, but for once his heart was overruling his head. "You're not even going to try--"

Heero lowered his hands abruptly and wound his arms around Wufei's waist, pulling him up hard against his own body. Startled, Wufei released his grip on Heero's hair and grabbed his shoulders instead.

Heero's mouth on his was just as desperate and violent as the kiss Wufei had given him a moment ago. Wufei responded automatically, twisting so that he was angled just right against Heero's body. He ran his hands roughly down Heero's back, then back up, forcing his hands under the shirt so that his palms were skimming bare flesh. Heero shuddered involuntarily, his embrace almost crushing as he forced his tongue past Wufei's. His hands skimmed almost hesitantly downwards until they were cupping Wufei's ass.

Wufei felt his breath catch in his throat. "Room's.. soundproof..." he managed to gasp between demanding kisses.

"Wait-- we--"

"Shut up, Heero," Wufei growled, nipping the other boy's bottom lip. "Don't analyze it, don't think about it, just--"

Lust stirred in Heero's eyes, and he tugged Wufei away from the desk. They stumbled towards the large bed in the corner, already tugging impatiently at clothes that seemed suddenly a hindrance.

Wufei grasped the hem of Heero's shirt and yanked upwards; Heero lifted his arms just enough for Wufei to peel the cloth off and toss it across the room. An instant later Heero's mouth was attacking him again, calloused fingers unusually clumsy as they fumbled with the button on Wufei's pants.

In the back of his mind, Wufei knew what was happening. The part of himself still able to think logically recognized it for what it was-- an act of desperation and loss. One night, only one. One last forbidden act before destiny took hold of his life.

But he couldn't bring himself to care enough to stop it.

He twisted slightly to help as Heero shoved his pants down past his hips, and ended up stumbling as the cloth trapped his legs. He landed on his back on the bed with an indignant noise.

Heero was over him in the next moment, hands pressed to the mattress either side of his head, a slight smirk hovering on his lips that quickly faded. "Wait... I've never... I mean, I don't want to--"

"Neither have I, and I don't think you're stupid enough to hurt me," Wufei breathed, tugging Heero closer impatiently. "I have a basic idea. You'd be amazed at what high school perverts talk about on their lunch hour." He flushed, eyes flicking away. "Um... but we do need... something."

But Heero caught the flash of nervousness. He remained frozen above Wufei, not daring to make a move. "Wait. We don't have to do this."

Wufei arched a brow at him, beating back his embarrassment with a stick. "You don't want to?"

Heero paused, mouth twisting slightly at the obvious internal war he was being submitted to. "...Um..." he said intelligently, eyes unconsciously drifting down Wufei's lean body, towards the obvious bulge in his boxers.

Wufei hesitated, forcing himself to ignore his hormones for a moment and actually think. Once he did that, nervousness and uncertainty immediately leapt to the fore.
He didn't know what he was doing, neither of them had ever done this before, were they ready for this? what if--

Fuck it, his body would know whether it wanted this or not.

He reached up and pulled Heero's head down, invading Heero's mouth with a slow exploration of his tongue. Instinctively Heero lowered his body marginally so that he was resting his weight on Wufei just a bit. Wufei arched up so that they were pressed more firmly together, and a muffled groan escaped him. At the sound, Heero leaned against him more heavily, his mouth responding hungrily. The feel of that solid weight on top of him made Wufei suddenly and almost painfully hard.

Jesus, fuck logic, his hormones screamed. You want this, he wants this, just fucking do it already!

Fine by him.

Wufei tore his mouth away for air, fingers gripping a strong waist possessively. Heero pulled back slightly, his eyes completely clouded over with lust and his breathing heavier. The thought that he could affect the other boy so strongly only made Wufei more determined.

A curious hand mapping the muscles on his abdomen made it hard to concentrate, but he managed to remember one vital bit of information. "We need... lotion," he gasped.

Heero paused, blinking. "..Lotion?"

"I don't care. Something. You know--"

Heero's face cleared in comprehension. "Lubrication."

Wufei's face flushed at the word. "Uh-- yeah. Wait, how did you--"

"Duo..." Heero winced ever so slightly. "He mentioned it... in passing. Something about a show he'd seen once... I don't know why he bothered to tell me, since he hated the show, but..."

Wufei covered his face with one hand in mortification. "Because Duo's not stupid," he muttered. Later he was going to strangle Duo. He was just glad that Heero hadn't caught on to the other boy's "helpful hints". Damned matchmaker. "Never mind. Do you have anything like that?"

Heero's eyes turned towards the desk. Wufei curiously followed his gaze, to where his small pack was. He didn't even remember bringing it in the office. That's right-- he'd carried it on his shoulder when they'd transferred ships. "I might have something," he hedged dubiously.

Heero got to his feet and walked over towards the desk. Wufei propped himself up on his elbows to watch the way the muscles in Heero's back moved as he walked. Sadly, he was still wearing his pants.

Heero lifted the bag onto the desk and began rummaging through it. After a moment he turned, holding up a small squeeze-tube. "Will this do?"

Wufei blinked in confusion. "That's not mine--" he started to say, then closed his eyes in another flash of embarrassed irritation. "I am going to skin Maxwell alive."

Shut up, you know you owe him one, his hormones retorted smugly as Heero made his way back to the bed, fingers already tugging impatiently at his belt.

Wufei, still trying to quell the nervous twists in his stomach, sat up slowly to help.

Author's Notes: o___o;; Don't kill me. I'm not cheating you, I promise the lemon will be continued in the next chapter XD; I decided not to finish it in this chapter because the whole thing is pissing me off right now. I don't like how it's being written; maybe cuz I'm too tired. I'd put it aside and work on it later, but then I know it'd never get finished.

(1) Contrary to popular belief, Trowa is labeled as a "perfect soldier" before Heero is in the series
(2)Anata to issho ni itai= "I want to be with you", basically ^^

And now, an important word on Chinese first names....
Technically, all given names actually have a meaning in Chinese. For instance, you should never give, say, a baby, a Chinese name without doing quite a bit of research. I really don't have the time or energy (plus, I doubt most people who read this fic would catch it anyway) to do so for the people of Wufei's Clan. Especially since I might end up rattling off the names of 10+ background Clan members. So the names of the others-- his aunt, the aides, etc --aren't given to them for any specific reason. They're just random names. (Wufei's grandfather's name will have a bit more thought put into it, however). Because, come on, it's just a fanfic ^^; If I was trying to get published, I would have put a lot more thought into it.
With Wufei, however, it's different. I'm sure a lot of Chinese people went "wtf" at Wufei's name in GW back when it came out. After all, the name doesn't really make much sense. It was kind of "invented", I guess, for the sake of the numbers of the pilots. Pilot 01 is Heero, which I'm assuming is supposed to be a kind of play on "hitotsu" or something. 02-- Duo. 03-- Trowa (like trois). 04-- Quatre. You get the picture. While "Fei" is an actual Chinese name (and was also the name of some great historical general or something, if I remember correctly), putting "wu" in front of it was kind of retarded. "Wu" is also a name by itself sometimes, or at least it was in the past. But most importantly, it means "five" (Fei, I think, is the verb "to fly", but that's not the point right now). See a pattern here? So to keep w/ the whole thing with pilots having names related to their code number, I guess they just decided to make it "WU-fei". Never mind that the two parts of that name are not compatible, and I don't think any Chinese parent in their right mind would give their child that name XD;
...By the way, I am by no means an expert on this. I'm sure there's a few specifics wrong somewhere in there (I am not Chinese o_O), but you get the general idea.

Anyway, so I saw this as a good way to have Wufei living under a "fake" name in the story while his foster mother hid him on earth, without confusing/irritating readers with a random name. Hence, for this fic, the name "Wufei" ends up just being a nickname, and "Fei" is his real name. ^^
Wow, that was long-winded. x_x Hope I cleared things up at least a little instead of confusing anyone further XD;;

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