Chapter 41: "With You"

Duo was lounging in one of the chairs, studying the door to Wufei's office with a carefully blank face as he toyed with the end of his braid. Quatre was trying to talk to Trowa and find out what had made Wufei so angry, while the girls knocked in vain on the door, hoping to soothe the two men inside before they tore each other's throats out. Mingzhu and the aides had already disappeared to the front of the ship.

Duo glanced at his watch and allowed a very tiny smirk to touch his lips. He let his feet land on the floor with a thump and rose lazily to his feet. "I think they're going to be yelling at each other for awhile," he drawled. "I'm wide awake; I'll take first shift and play door guard. The rest of you should get some shut-eye. Tro, you can come relieve me in two hours."

"I think one of us should go in there," Relena insisted. "Wufei sounded very upset. Whatever his aunt told him, he obviously didn't like it. I don't know why he's mad at you, Trowa, but he shouldn't take it out on Heero. The two of them are going to get into a fist- fight if we don't stop it."

"I'm sure they'll.. work it out," Duo said, hiding a smirk.

Hilde looked at him sharply.

Trowa, luckily, didn't seem to be paying attention to any of them. He hadn't taken Wufei's explosion well. He'd been subdued since Mingzhu had informed them all back on Howard's ship that he was now the Primary.

Quatre was nodding at Duo. "Right. We should get some sleep. Are you sure you'll be all right for a few hours? Can you sit still that long without losing your mind?"

"Feh." Duo flapped a hand carelessly. "I'll think of something to amuse myself."

Hilde studied him pensively for a moment, then offered the door a suspicious look. "Come on, Relena," she said suddenly, taking the other girl's arm. "They'll be fine. I'm sure Wufei will calm down after he's shouted himself hoarse. And you know Heero; he'll shake some sense into him eventually. Let's get some rest."


"Good night," Hilde called over her shoulder to the others, already dragging her friend in the direction of the room allocated to the women on the small ship.

Duo dragged one of the chairs up against the wall by the door and sat down heavily, crossing his arms over his chest. "'Night," he called cheerfully, grinning to himself.

No one was getting into that office for the next few hours if he had anything to say about it.


It was as if the lubrication that Duo had so thoughtfully snuck into Wufei's bag (Wufei made another mental note to strangle him with piano wire later) made it that much more settled on what it was they were about to do.

Nerves and inexperience rose up to give lust a run for its money, and forced them to slow down. They were both in their boxers, seated on the bed with their knees touching. Wufei was slowly trailing his fingertips down Heero's chest and down to his abdomen, admiring the body that years and years of strenuous training had developed. He was also doing it in part to avoid looking into his friend's eyes. He knew the second he did that, he was going to blush again, and he was rather sick of doing that. Heero had prudently placed the lube off to the side, between the both of them, and was watching the path of Wufei's hand.

"How are we... I mean..." Heero hesitated, and Wufei secretly appreciated the fact that Heero was, by his usually stoic standards, possibly just as uptight as he was. "How do you want to... do this?"

He lost the bet with his body as his cheeks began to heat up again. Heero's words only brought on helpful visual aids. He forced himself to mentally go through everything he'd ever heard about sex between two men. In a way, though he'd been mortified at the time, he owed Hilde one. He could still remember rifling through her magazines and books one day after school as he waited for her in her room for a study session-- and the rather graphic comic book he'd found at the bottom of the stack. The one with two men entertwined in way he'd thought couldn't possibly be anatomically possible. Well... maybe not impossible for him. He was rather flexible, after years of martial arts-- oh jesus. His face felt as if it was about to burst into flames.

When it seemed Wufei didn't seem inclined to answer just yet, Heero declared bluntly, "You should be on the giving end."

Wufei sputtered, jerking his eyes up to meet Heero's in mild horror. "Wh- what??"

Heero blinked, surprised at his reaction. "You seem to know a bit more about this than I do," he pointed out reasonably. "And if you want to be technical, I'm your subordinate--"

"What-- what does that have to do with anything??" Wufei demanded incredulously. "Besides, you're the control freak..." he trailed off in embarrassment.

Heero frowned slightly. "I'm having a hard time imagining you letting anyone..." he paused, and Wufei had the intense satisfaction of seeing his cheeks darken just a bit. He took a slow breath, glancing away. "Maybe we shouldn't do this."

Wufei grabbed Heero's chin and jerked his head around to face him again. "I want to," he said firmly, and loosened his grip a bit. "If you don't, then, um... we don't have to..."

Heero studied him closely for a long moment, as if searching for any hint of rejection or real fear.

"Only... it's supposedly going to.. um, hurt. So we'll have to be careful."

Heero shrugged one shoulder slightly. "I'm accustomed to various amounts of pain. I can--"

"Not you, retard," Wufei snapped.

Heero blinked, then his eyes widened marginally. "I am not going to--"

"Shut up. Who asked for your input?" Wufei grumbled, flushing again and glaring at Heero's chest. His hand had resumed its exploration of Heero's six-pack at some point, and Heero's muscles tensed and shuddered at the light touch. "You're the one who's been trained to control himself in everything he does. It makes more sense for you to be, um.. on top." That, and a dark corner of his psyche wanted it. Wanted Heero to take control of this.


"Is the door locked?" Wufei muttered.

Heero hesitated. "...Yes, I locked it when I closed it after Trowa," he said at last. He reached up slowly to trail calloused fingers down Wufei's sinewy arm. "Are you sure about this? If it's going to hurt--"

"Just be careful," Wufei mumbled, still unable to meet his eyes.

Heero ducked his head, trying to catch Wufei's eye. When that failed, he tugged on Wufei's ponytail a bit, forcing him to lift his chin. He pressed his mouth to Wufei's almost cautiously, then with a bit more force, slipping his tongue past unresisting lips. He tugged suddenly-- Wufei winced --and tossed the restraining hairband across the room.

"Hey--" Wufei protested weakly against the other's mouth. Then strong fingers were combing through his loose hair, giving little tugs to his scalp that made him groan in appreciation. He leaned into the kiss, forcing his tongue past Heero's and resting his hands on the other boy's thighs.

"Wanted to do that... for awhile," Heero admitted in a mutter when they broke for air, turning his eyes on the fistful of hair he was tugging gently on.

Wufei quirked a brow at him, mouth twitching in an amused smile. He turned his head slightly to watch as the other man's fingers slid through the dark locks. "It's just hair."

"Mm," Heero grunted in acknowledgement, still staring as he grasped a bunch of it in his hand. Abruptly he gave a careful, experimental tug. Wufei gasped, head pulled back a fraction. But the pull hadn't been quite hard enough to hurt... on the contrary, the tingling to his scalp was rather pleasant.

Heero was studying his face, watching his reaction. Wufei flushed a bit at the hungry look to his friend's eyes. "Hey, it's not a leash," he started to protest, but was cut off by another hard kiss. In retaliation, Wufei reached down and ran his fingertips along Heero's hip, following the dip right to the edge of his boxers. Heero started, his skin flinching at the light caress. Steeling his nerve, Wufei hooked his fingers in the waistband and gave the boxers a slight tug.

Heero hesitated, then shifted, and finally pulled away. He dragged the boxers off and tossed them carelessly over his shoulder, then reached for Wufei's own. Wufei meant to look away, but his eyes were already flicking downwards.

Well, he found himself thinking, despite the way his face was burning, at least Heero's not abnormally large. I would like to walk tomorrow... He jumped as his own boxers were pulled down a few inches. "Um--"

Heero froze immediately, and Wufei gave himself a mental kick in the head. Nerves or not, if he acted as nervous as he felt, he knew Heero well enough to know the other boy would put a stop to this whole thing if he thought it made Wufei too uncomfortable.

And we might never get a chance like this again, Wufei reminded himself firmly.

That, his hormones pointed out impatiently, and you'd like to do this, so stop acting like a skittish virgin already.

Attempting to squash both his over-eager hormones as well as his uncertainty, Wufei forced himself to lie back on the bed slowly. Heero's hand had already retreated, but his breath hitched just slightly as Wufei lifted his hips for easier access and dragged his boxers off. He had just enough time to drop them over the edge of the bed, and then Heero was over him again.

Solid weight settled against his chest and between his legs, and the twinge of embarrassment was lost in the sudden sharp bolt of heat that shot immediately south. Wufei grasped strong shoulders and opened his mouth for a searching tongue, his heart hammering in his ears.

He could feel Heero's hardness pressing against his thigh, and fumbled blindly for the lube. Heero lifted himself a bit to watch as Wufei self-consciously and clumsily unscrewed the cap. "You'll have to explain this to me," Heero admitted slowly.

"Um.." Wufei's nervous fingers squeezed a bit too hard, and a good amount of the slick gel squirted onto his hand. He forced himself to look up at the other boy. "If ah..." He struggled to think of an analogy that wasn't too humiliating. Failing miserably, he decided to be blunt. "The muscles have to be stretched or it's not gonna fit," he muttered in one quick breath.

Heero blinked, then nodded once, eyes trailing towards the goop all over Wufei's fingers. "And it will hurt otherwise," he guessed.

Wufei managed a wry grin. "Quite a bit."

Heero scooped the gel off of Wufei's fingers onto his own. He put his other hand to Wufei's knee, scooting back so that he was sitting between his legs. Blushing furiously, Wufei obeyed the silent request and spread his legs wider. His nerve failed him and he attached his eyes firmly to the ceiling. Good god, he couldn't watch this. His muscles were twitching with the urge to retreat from such a vulnerable-- and embarrassing -- position.

If Heero was aware of how highly-strung he was, he was polite enough not to point it out. He was focusing most of his attention on the task at hand, obviously determined to do this right the first time.

Fingers wet and cold with the lube slid searchingly down the crack of his ass, and Wufei realized he'd closed his eyes tightly. Relax, he ordered himself fiercely. Heero was determined to do this in a way that didn't result in pain; the least he could do was make it easier on the both of them and try to relax his muscles. He forced himself to slow his breathing down and concentrate on loosening his muscles, letting the tension slowly ebb from his body.

Then there was pressure and-- Wufei had to bite his tongue to keep himself from clamping down instinctively on the cautious invader. He couldn't quite stop a squirm, however, as the finger probed deeper, and a second later was joined by another. He gritted his teeth, breathing in through his nose. It wasn't really painful... just very uncomfortable. Ignore it, ignore it.

At first Heero seemed unsure of what to do, merely feeling around, carefully pressing his fingers in farther until they had to be in up to the knuckle. Then the fingers began flexing at his inner walls, coaxing them to stretch and accomodate the invasion. Wufei twitched despite himself, catching Heero off guard. His fingers dug in even deeper abruptly, knuckles digging into Wufei's ass--

Wufei jerked, eyes flying open.

Heero froze, gaze flashing up to Wufei's face. "Sorry--"

"Ah-- no..." Wufei took a quick breath, limbs shaking minutely. He blinked a few times up at the ceiling. "That was..." How did he explain this? He'd heard it mentioned a few times, of course, but couldn't think if it had an actual name... Some bundle of nerves that supposedly-- "Prostate," he mumbled as the name came to him.

Heero was still unmoving, watching his face carefully for any signs of pain. Then an almost thoughtful look crossed his face. "It didn't hurt," he reaffirmed.

"Um... no, not really, it's..." Wufei struggled for a way to explain the sudden sensation and failed utterly. No, not pain. Not quite pleasure, either. Something hovering between the two.

Heero hesitated, then, tilting his head slightly and still watching for his reaction, he dug his fingers forcefully in again, curving his fingers slightly in search of that spot.

"Unngh!" Wufei jerked violently, fingers clenching for an instant against the sheets.

A bit of understanding lit Heero's eyes-- along with a healthy dose of carnal interest. He leaned forward suddenly to seize Wufei's mouth, his fingers still carefully prodding and stretching. Wufei aggressively took over the kiss, threading his fingers through thick brown hair to tilt Heero's face to suit him. After several minutes of this, he broke the kiss and looked Heero right in the eye, breathing ragged. The fingers moving so cautiously inside him were suddenly-- wrong. Not enough. Not nearly enough.

"OK, I'm ready," he insisted.

Heero hesitated. "Are you sure? Maybe I should--"

Wufei sat up on his elbows and hitched himself up a bit, and Heero's fingers slipped out. "I'm ready," he repeated firmly, reaching for the lube again. "Here."

Heero stared blankly at the tube.

Wufei waved it in front of his nose. "For you," he explained shortly.

"Oh." Heero took the lube and squirted some onto his fingertips. He hesitated, eyes flicking back up when he realized Wufei was still propped on his elbows, watching him expectantly. "..." He looked from the lube on his fingertips and then down; Wufei unconsciously followed his gaze to Heero's erection. He felt a smirk tug at his lips despite himself. "Go ahead," he drawled, enjoying Heero's obvious embarrassment at having Wufei watch. Then he changed his mind, snatching Heero's wrist. "Wait." He wiped his hand across Heero's, spreading the lube across his own palm. Before embarrassment could jump him as well, he reached out and wrapped his hand carefully around Heero's erection.

Heero jumped slightly, eyes widening. His breath came in through clenched teeth as Wufei's grip grew more sure. Wufei managed to drag his eyes away from what he was doing, watching Heero's face as he slid his hand up and then down, coating Heero thoroughly. He could feel Heero shaking slightly, and his breathing was quicker. Heero reached out to clasp his hips, and Wufei sat up a bit further, pressing his mouth to the other boy's. Hands slid around his hips and slipped down his lower back--

"SHIT!" Wufei arched suddenly, chest slamming against Heero's. Fortunately he had already released his grip of the other boy's more sensitive areas.


Wufei wrapped an arm around Heero's shoulders to keep himself from toppling backwards from his precarious half-sitting position. His muscles were twitching and shuddering. "What--" he gasped. Sparks of pleasure and heat were still flying along his nerve endings. Then he realized exactly where Heero's hands had been.

Heero seemed to come to the same conclusion, and he drew his hands back hastily, eyes slightly wider than normal from the sudden alarm and now dawning surprise. "The Mark?" he guessed.

Wufei managed a nod. He swallowed hard, looking Heero in the eye and noting the panic in the back of them. Heero thought it had hurt, he realized, startled. But... "Do that again," he ordered.

Heero blinked. "That didn't--"

"No, it didn't hurt," Wufei said firmly, seizing a fistful of hair and treating him to a hard kiss.

A moment later fingers skimmed feather-light down his spine, then brushed against his Mark once more.

Even though he was expecting it, Wufei couldn't quite choke back a loud gasp. His body responded on its own, jerking violently. Heero's other arm was wound securely around his waist, keeping him in place, and Wufei could hear sudden ragged breathing. He wasn't sure which one of them it was.

Heero leaned forward, propping one hand on the mattress as he supported Wufei's weight with the arm around his middle, lowering him back onto the bed. Whatever nervousness he'd been experiencing before from uncertainty and the fear of hurting Wufei seemed to be temporarily forgotten in the sudden need to get more reactions like that from his dark-haired lover. Once more a hand skimmed across the Mark, and Wufei arched up against the body hovering above his own, unconsciously gripping Heero's shoulders hard enough to leave bruises. "Haa-!"

Instinct shouldered inexperience aside, and Heero slipped both arms free, tucking them under Wufei's knees and lifting them abruptly. Wufei gave a little squawk of surprise as he found himself dragged down the mattress slightly. He stared up at Heero in mild horror as he realized his own position. He had only an instant to understand what was going on-- it seemed Heero had faith in his flexibility as well, a part of Wufei's mind noted numbly --and then Heero was leaning over him again, pushing Wufei's legs up so that they were over Heero's shoulders.

There was a questing touch, then something that was a bit too large to be any sort of finger was pressing carefully against his entrance. Wufei took in a quick breath, digging his fingers into the sheets in preparation. Heero was still propping himself up with one hand, eyes glued to Wufei's face as he began to press in slowly.

Wufei had to use every ounce of self control he had to keep himself from clamping down or pushing Heero away. Even slow, it-- ohshit it hurt. He clenched his teeth, but refused to close his eyes, holding Heero's gaze. If Heero thought it hurt too much, he would-- shit shit --stop.. and... owowow!

It was hard to concentrate on anything but the pain of being slowly invaded, but Wufei could see the strain on Heero's face as well as he struggled not to go too fast, fought carefully to get past the resistance. Wufei was beginning to think the sharp pain was never going to end--

Then suddenly Heero's hips twitched-- barely, just a small move, his body acting instinctively on its own --and he was at last past the initial resistance, slipping in a bit more. Wufei drew in a sharp breath that hurt his lungs, his fingers digging into the mattress. Heero paused to catch his breath and let Wufei adjust and relax a bit, his limbs shaking minutely from the effort. "..You OK...?"

Wufei forced himself to nod. "Just--"

"--be careful," Heero finished, mouth twitching slightly in a small one-sided smile that Wufei hadn't seen in awhile. He waited another moment, wrapping his free hand around Wufei's hip for better control, then carefully drew back a bit. Wufei took in another quick breath at the strange sensation-- then Heero's hips were flexing forward again, still careful, still shallow. He repeated the motions slowly, eyes flicking across Wufei's face in search of pain.

The pain was still there, a kind of burning, but it was getting easier to handle, ebbing slightly as Wufei's muscles stretched with the movement and....

Wufei's breath rattled strangely in his throat as Heero pushed back into him slowly.

This... wasn't so bad.

His eyes fluttered shut, and he forced his fingers to relax their death-grip on the sheets. Heero was being extremely careful, probably only going in a couple of inches every time he... went in... haa...

After a few moments Wufei shifted a bit, a frown tugging at his mouth. His body was reacting the same as it had to Heero's fingers. Telling his mind what it couldn't quite grasp. Not enough.

"Heero-- dammit," he managed to rasp, trying to arch his hips a bit from their awkward position. "I said 'be careful', not 'treat me like a china cup'."

Heero's breathing was labored from the obvious effort of holding back as well as the sensations. "Wha--"

Wufei dug his shoulders into the mattress abruptly and managed to angle his body a little closer, forcing Heero in deeper.

Heero grunted, eyes shutting; Wufei saw the hand pressed to the bed by his shoulder spasm. Wufei was panting, his own body shaking impatiently. That had hurt, but even with the pain, his body was craving more. "Damn it, Heero-- move!" he growled.

"Bossy, much?" Heero muttered, but his mouth was curving in a small smirk. "You're the one who put me here. Shut up."


Heero shut him up with a rough kiss. He began to move again, and though he was still slow, he did go a bit deeper. In fact, he went a little deeper with each careful thrust. Wufei's body was shaking almost uncontrollably, his fingers clutching, digging into Heero's shoulders. Heero's hand trailed from his hip, around his waist--

The touch to his Mark was unexpected, and Wufei cried out. His body jolted again and-- ohjesus.

Heero had gone in farther than he'd intended to at Wufei's sudden move; almost before he could stop himself, his hips took over for an instant, jerking back and then sinking forward again-- He clutched desperately at Wufei's hip again, his breath against Wufei's neck ragged. Wufei's lack of a pained cry seemed to be the only encouragement he needed, and he repeated the movement, drawing back and thrusting a bit harder. Then again-- his pace had picked up again. His control was falling apart in tatters as his body acted on its basest instincts.

A particuarly hard jab hit that spot deep inside, and Wufei gave another cry, almost losing his grip on Heero's shoulders. His nails left red marks in a trail down Heero's shoulders before he managed to seize strong biceps. Heero's movements were still tightly controlled to a point, but his pace was faster, and he was going deep-- and every now and then he-- hit--


Wufei released Heero abruptly and slammed his hands to the mattress, forcing his body up to meet his partner's as Heero sank forward once more. His own hips were responding as Heero's were, jerking up to meet Heero's with each thrust. His breathing sounded desperate and harsh in his ears. Shit, he didn't-- think he could take-- much more of this--

Heero groaned in his ear, the grip he had on Wufei's hip almost crushing. Abruptly he released him and fumbled, searching for--

A hand wrapped around his erection and began pulling at it, hard and fast. Wufei practically screamed, his body jolting up against Heero's as pleasure hit him in a white-hot wave, blinding him for an instant.

A rough mouth on his, desperate and hungry, and then Heero's hands were scrambling at his hips, jerking him closer still-- a few more hard jabs, and then Heero was moaning into his mouth. Through his pleasured haze, Wufei felt a sudden wet warmth inside as Heero reached his own climax.

Slowly Heero drew back, slipping out, then abruptly collapsed on his side next to Wufei, panting.

Wufei stretched his legs out carefully, struggling to catch his own breath as he stared up at the ceiling. His nerves were humming, his muscles shaky from the experience. Slowly he turned his head so he was facing Heero.

Heero's eyes were half-lidded, but he focused on Wufei's face, immediately checking for signs of pain.

Finding none, he let out a slow breath and shifted slightly-- then winced as he encountered the wet spot with his leg, trapped underneath one of Wufei's own. He wrapped an arm around Wufei's waist and scooted back, dragging Wufei with him. Wufei complied, rolling onto his stomach and crossing his arms under his head. Heero's hand lingered, skimming down his back and coming to rest just over his Mark.

Wufei managed a small, weary smile, feeling as if he should say something, but exhaustion was pulling at him, making it hard to concentrate on anything. He was dimmly aware of Heero tugging at the blanket, pulling it up to cover them, then his eyes were closing. Fingers slid through his hair once more, then an arm settled possessively across his back, Heero's body a warm, solid weight beside him.

He thought he heard words, barely audible, as if Heero was saying them almost to himself. But they were Japanese, and Wufei was too contentedly drowsy to ask for a translation. Then sleep claimed him, leaving questions and worries about the future for a later time.

He was not aware that Heero continued to watch him until sleep overcame him as well several minutes later.

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