My Fanfiction

My Fanfiction

Dragonball Z Lives On

The Shizen Saga
A strong new enemy is on it's way to Earth. And she wants revenge against a certain mysterious girl. Who is this girl? Is the Earth really alive? What is her connection to it? Does Piccolo have feelings for her? (PG)(COMPLETE)

The Frozena Saga
Queen Frozena has arrived! Will the Z fighters survive? Or will this be their last fight? And what about Kyloa? What secret has she been keeping? Read to find out! (PG-13, WARNING: Violence)(COMPLETE)

The Lidal Saga
A mysterious girl appears and saves Piccolo's life from a new enemy. Who is she? Where did she come from? Piccolo and Kya's lives are about to change in a BIG way as well. But will they live through it? (PG)(COMPLETE)

Lidal's Story
Lidal has returned home to the future but something seems to be troubling her. Can Trunks help or will he make things worse? (PG-13, WARNING: Lime)(COMPLETE)

The Mystic Saga
The Z warriors have lived in peace for eight years. Piccolo has settled into the role of being a father. But someone is watching the Z warriors, studying them. But for what purpose? Piccolo's kids are about to find out. (R, WARNING: Violence, Rape)(COMPLETE)

The Return of Seventeen *Started 01/31/04*
While the rest of world carried on, Seventeen has been living like a hermit in the middle of a forest. But all that's about to change as someone new enters his life. An unusual person so full of life, that Seventeen can't help but be affected by it. (PG-13, WARNING: Lime)(INCOMPLETE)

The Guardian Saga *Started 01/31/04*
Sixteen years have passed. Now the cocoon has hatched, releasing the new Ali Mystic. The Z children, now all grown, are about to find that their friend will need all their help before she can accept living in their world. But will it be enough? (PG-13)(INCOMPLETE)

This drawing of Kitty Kyloa with Embyr
was done by Keri, one of the many great artists
at Ghost's Anime Kitties. Just click on Kitty Kyloa and she'll take you there.
Here's Keri's own personal site.

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